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Fleece Jo-Ann Fabric Coupons to keep an eye out for!


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Sep 13, 2011
I was looking over my Jo-Ann's coupon app and saw some good coupons coming up soon.

Ending today 20% off your total purchase, I also see fleece is 50% off this weekend.

5 dollars off 25 dollars or more 3/21-3/22

25% off your total purchase next weekend! 3/23-3/25

Normally they also e-mail the coupons to their subscribers and sometimes you can find them on the internet for download.

Happy fleece shopping!
Thanks so much! I need lots of fleece to prepare myself for new additions to the pig family!

I love Joann's!
I just bought 2 yards of fleece yesterday for $12-14 dollars! :) Originally it would have been about $22. I love Joann's :D
I thought those coupons cannot be combined with existing sales.
It says on my phone that it can.

Here is part of the coupon that was e-mailed to me:

your total purchase* LAST DAY!​
Use promotion code PXZ78 in your online shopping cart.​
Includes regular-, sale-priced & clearance items.
You are so lucky! All the ones I got cannot be combined with other promotions.
I think fabric.com got better prices and more choice.
(broken link removed) . Coupon gives you 15% off :)
You are so lucky! All the ones I got cannot be combined with other promotions.

Do you have the app? The ones I listed above work with sales. They also e-mail all the same ones that are in the app though they aren't always timely about it.
I don't have the app. That's okay though. Last night I added stuff to cart and used your coupon and it works. Then I realized, I already have too much fabric stashed all over the house. I'm pretty sure if I buy more, my husband will report me as a hoarder!
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