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Rescues JAYJAY the adopted addition(:


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Apr 10, 2012
As I posted the other day I went to the SPCA to look for someone in need of a new home. There were 3 cute little guys there. But at the VERY BOTTOM, in the dark was this big ol' fluffy thing that came right up to the bars when I started talking to him. Oh he was just adorable. I held him and he was the calmest sweetest thing, and he looked so sad. JayJay is a brown Agouti colored Abbysinnian, 1 year and 22 days old. He looks more gopher than guinea pig LOL. So I filled out an application! Usually you have to wait 2-7 days for the adoption process, I waited about 15 minutes! I couldn't believe it! Took him home in a cat carrier. He went crazy over my girls (in a good way)! My girls climbed all over him and groomed him, he looks like a big stuffed animal, as he just laid there enjoying it. He's MASSIVE compared to them. He popcorned all over the place and wheeked the whole time. My girls did the same. They were playing I could tell. It was precious. BUT, he needs a serious nail trimming. The SPCA offered a lady free nail trimmings for life for her new cat, but they couldn't clip JAYJAYS nails? That rubbed me the wrong way. BUT I understand its hard to keep up. He LOVES his carrots, and everyone is getting along. I'd say its a sucess so far :)


JAYJAYincarrier.jpg JAYJAYigloo.jpg JAYJAYandSTITCHES.jpg
Aww. He looks like a sweet heart!
He really is! Still a little nervous, but I'm sure hes happy to be away from the constant barking of the dogs. I would've taken all the little guys if I could!
What a cutie! Is he neutered?
Yep he is! The SPCA neuters all the boy guineas, but they don't spay the females.
He is precious! My SPCA always has guinea pigs in, and yes they don t clip their nails -_- only the rabbits, dogs, and cats. I work in the small animal room! So I take care of all the piggies as everyone overlooks them!
Ah, just checking! He's very adorable.
Yes, the SPCA near me has them but I think they only show 3 at a time and keep some in the back because AS SOON as I took JayJay another guinea pig was out there ready for adoption. But oh thank goodness for you! Even on the "care guide" they gave me it says to regularly clip their nails. Hypocrites? I don't like the way so many overlook the piggies. -__- But I'm glad the ones near you, have someone like you!
@BlueButterfly Thank you! & Yea I had to make sure there, I got his paperwork from it. I don't want any pregnant piggies.
@jswozzle Congratulations on your new addition. Maybe they feel they know you well enough from all the work you've done with them, they didn't need to do any checking up on you. :) Have you adopted/fostered from there before? That might also move the process along, I would think!
Thank you again! Oh no, they probably wouldn't remember me . Just dropping things off. But no I havent adopted before. We went to get a dog but at the time we had an "aggressive" German shepard. He was just protective. So they were nervous about sending a dog with us.
Well, that was something then! Getting your piggies much more quickly then you could have imagined.

Do you still have that GS?
Congratulations! He's adorable!
Awww, he's a real cutie! I know what you mean about the nails as poor Borat's were so long that they were curled when I got him at an animal shelter. I'm so glad you found little Jay Jay and that he has a great home now.
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