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Mites Ivermectin Treament


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Oct 9, 2011
I can't get Trudy to the vet for at least another week. She has been on the miconazole cream for about a week now, seperated from the others.

I thought I'd give this a try. From what I've read on GL and here, just a drop is placed behind their ears.

Is it necessary to weigh them for this? if so, what do you weigh your piggies with? A food scale?

We use a small postal scale to weigh our piggies.
I weigh my pigs with a food scale.
I don't understand. Miconazole is for treating fungal infections, and is placed directly on the lesion, not behind the ears. But you've titled the thread "Ivermectin Treatment."

If you're giving Miconazole, you just rub it into the affected area.

If you've giving ivermectin, it is definitely NOT just a drop behind their ears. You have to know the weight of the pig and the strength of the ivermectin to be able to calculate the dose. Some ivermectin is given orally, some by injection, and some by topical administration.
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