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Dec 18, 2011
Well as some of you know, I am getting two new guinea pigs to add to my herd of two on the 23rd. I have there "quarantine" cage set up fully for them, and just added a sorta loft. I put quarantine in quotes because they come for a good rescue group, so there is really no need to quarantine them. The only reason why I am doing it, is because I feel it is important for the guinea pigs to get used to every thing first such as a new cage, food, me, sounds, and such as all of that is very stressful for them, before I just throw them in with other guinea pigs. It's very small, only a 2x3 with a 1x1 hay loft, but do not fret, they will only be in there for a short time, and then will be moved into my herds 30ft cage.

Anyway, so I thought I would put Godric and Phoenix in there soon to be cage for awhile just to test out any problems, and see if there was anything that needed rearranging, and if they could get up the ramp and everything. And I found out that when they say "Bigger cages=Pigs getting along better" They were definitively telling the truth. xD When I put them in the cage they were fine at first, most likely because they were just scared, but once they became ok with everything around them...well...let the fighting begin. I have NEVER EVER heard my piggies make sounds like this, and have never seen more that a little butt chasing. There was almost blood shed, but I was quick enough to stop it. And the thing is that I have put them in different cages before, as I have had to cange the layout and such, but they were fine with it since it was the same size, but when I put them in this much smaller cage they were like totally different pigs. They even had the same hiddy huts, water bottle, food dish...and such as they have in there other cage, so the only thing I can think of is that it must have been the smaller cage.

So I just felt like telling you all my story, and I will definitely NEVER be putting them in a smaller cage again, the only thing I might change about there cage, is making it bigger. xD
I think quarantine is always good, no matter if it comes from a rescue or not. They hide their illness for so long, and sometimes sickness just happens. Even with the best of owners.

Grats on the new piggies! Pictures and stuff!
Yep they shall come soon! :D Though it's kinda odd, the rescue hasn't emailed use back in about 2 weeks, and it's the only a few days before we asked them if they had time to drop off the piggies. *Sigh* I hope they still will let use have them, as this has happened before with other rescues who approved us and then decided they either 1. Wanted to keep the pig or 2. Made up some random reason that we can't have them like we are "Breeding guinea pigs" (Which we aren't and never will)
I think I'd do an in-person visit. They can put emailing aside, but they can't hide behind their desks if you come in. :p

Hope it all works out for you!
Yeah with the one place we did do that, and they loved the pictures of the cage, and loved how good we take care of our two GIRL guinea pigs, those were the people who days later when we were meant to have the piggie brought to us, just sent us an email talking about how we "Breed guinea pigs" and "Are adding to the growing problem of over population" And so on and so on. Not really sure where they got that from o_O We tried tons of ways to contact them, but they would have none of it, and I noticed that the guinea pig was also no longer up for adoption, so I'm thinking that someone who worked there decided to take her, even after they had already approved us.

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