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Its great to find a great place to talk about these wonderful animals :D


Cavy Slave
Dec 24, 2011
Hey guys, I'm 18 years old and I just fell in love with these animals! Decided to join this to see if any information is brought to me that I never knew :)
I feel your joy. :D
It is great to have a wonderful site as this one for information, stories, pigtures, and comforts during the hard times with our babies! Hope you get as much information and joy out of this site as I have in the short time I have been on here so far! If you have piggies we would love to see pigtures! If not, hope you decide to add two or more of the wonderful animals to your home!
As soon as I find a camera that actually takes pictures well, I'll put up pictures of all 5 :) they're absolutely adoreable
Hi and welcome! Tell us a little(or a lot) about you 5 piggies.
Welcome to the forum! You're right, there is a lot of info on here!! And no one is shy about giving it I'll tell you that much! We all love pigtures as well so can't wait!! Until then, what do they look like? Breeds, coloring, genders? lol
I'm not sure if you guys wanted it on this answer or somewhere else. All of them are short-hair, black and brown, and 2 are males while there are 3 females. They are all so cute ! I love how each has a unique personality, I've grown to love these animals very much. Tiger is the male "father" of the bunch. He's always calm, confident and loves being petted ! He's the only one so far that comes up to me and lets me pett him, or he wants food lol. Sugar is the "mom", and oh Tiger was supposed to be a girl but the owner missexed them. Sugar is so active ! She has the most beautiful coat, and she remained very healthy throughout her pregnancy. The little babies are Reeses(boy), Bella and Snickers(girls) They are two months old. Reeses lives with Tiger and they are the best of friends. No one jumps higher or has as much fun as reeses. Bella is actually a different color, shes more of a cream with a weird shade of brown. She is very active and runs around almost every second ! Snickers is completely black with little wavy strips of brown. A momma's girl cause she always stays by her lol.
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