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Its been a While


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Aug 23, 2004
Wow its been a while since i have been here. My piggies are doing great. This is going to sound really bad but i was never able to find a name for them that i liked. So is kind of original but one is guinea pig and the other one is buddy. They are both doing great. I am going to hopefully redo there cage quite soon as i can see the like their room. I am hoping to make it one or two grids bigger as i tihnk they each need their own little space. I have also noticed that they have moving their houses around a lot, and ripping thier hay racks off the wall. So I am going to attach one made out off a grid on to the side wall(altough im a little hesitant because of what happened when i first got them and used this idea their head got stuck, but they've grown so it will work out much better). I also need to find a better alternative for my ramp. I have been using a few grid pieces with carpetting on them , but they pee and poop on the carpet a lot and they also chew at the grids sometime. Anyone have any ideas? I was wondering if it would be ok to give them these for treats: Bark Bites - they are all natural, prevent overgrown incisors and no artificial flavours or colours.
Thanks for the help everyone.
Heres Buddy:

And Guinea Pig:
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Thanks, I like them too.
Welcome back. I am Ly and nice to meet you.
Thanks Ly great to meet you too. Does anyone have any ideas on those bark bites?

The best thing to keep teeth down is hay. Do you have a link for them?
I looked them up, but I can't figure out what type of wood they are made from. I am not sure about them myself. Apple branches and non-pitted fruit tree branches are great for piggies if they will eat them. I found these:
(broken link removed)
Thats what they kinda look like. So would you give them to your piggies or no? I need to find sometihng but none of the pet stores around here have apple branches or anything.
Personally, no because I don't know what type of wood they are made from. A good solution to help keep your pigs from chewing the cage bars is to give them homemade toys to play with. Cardboard boxes are good, toilet paper tubes (with a slit cut all the way down the side to keep them from getting their head stuck) and paper sacks with hay in them are good boredom busters and gives the pigs something to chew on besides the grids.
Thank you. They need toys because i think they might get bored sometimes, because i dont have any toys for them. Thank you vety much.
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