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General It sucks :(


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Dec 29, 2011
That lady who said I could adopt her guinea pig a few weeks ago is still posting ads on kijiji, now asking 100$ for the pig and cage and bedding.
My god, I'm so tempted to email her again and try to get that sweet 2.5y/o girl.

My issue now is that I've been approved to adopt from a place in Toronto and if that lady agrees, that leaves me 4 pigs... I don't have space for 4 pigs, and I can't expand until I sell some of the stuff in my apartment and get more space.

Also, while I don't live at home, my mom is pissed that I'm adopting a third, let alone attempting to acquire a fourth.

I just feel so bad for this poor little thing who clearly is not wanted and is not getting the attention she needs. I just want to rescue them all and I don't know what to do.
I totally understand wanting to save them all :( I'd pick one pig for the 3rd one - which one TRULY needs a home?
Yeahh, how do you choose?
The one in the rescue is, well, a rescue! So it definitely needs a forever home.
But the one on kijiji is being neglected, is not in a good size cage (the rescue has C&Cs for their rescues), and isn't wanted.... So she needs to be rescued as well!

I explained my situation to my mom about the one on kijiji and she's told me to email the woman and try to convince her to reconsider that I'd be a great home, but I can't pay what she's offering because it's a completely ridiculous price. So I did that, and I am hoping for the best. If I can sell some of my stuff then I could move the cage, and build something neat for them.
You are in a difficult situation.

Would the lady with the single pig agree just to sell you just the piggy?

Could you buy the whole lot and sell off what you don't need to recoup some of your expenditures?

If you decide to get the 4 piggies, would you be able to build them a suitable cage?

Could you re-arrange your living space to accommodate the 4 new piggies?
It also disturbs me that the lady who told you you could adopt the piggies is still advertising.

Have you seen any of these piggies?
I can't build one at this moment. Once I sell my treadmill, I'll ne able to move the cage and expand a bit more, but who knows when I'd be able to sell it lol. I have a 5X2 right now, but it'd be weeks/ months til I could make a 2X6 or better.
Ive seen pictures of them both, And the lady DID agree to sell me just the pig, but when I inquired when and where she started ignoring me and posting more ads looking for more money.
That is so sad. Sounds, to me, like she just wants the money. :sad:

You are in such a crummy situation.

Maybe just go to her place and ask? I don't know.
Personally, I would go with the rescue over the listing. The rescue is better equipped to help you find a piggie that will get along with the two you already have, and - simply put - you are supporting a local rescue and their efforts which is a good thing. Most rescues also have vets helping out so you are more likely to get a piggie that is healthy, in good shape, definitely female, and that has had an initial vet check up.

I understand the desire to take them all in, but putting yourself into a bad financial decision or a bad space decision is not good for any of the piggies in the long run.

Best of luck!
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