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Want a Guinea Pig(s) Is this true? *scratching my head...*


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Oct 11, 2011
I am looking for a male guinea pig for a friend for my piggy, so I put a 'want' ad on craigslist, and got an email with this response:

Just to let you know most places do not sell male guinea pigs because they are known as too aggressive, so finding one around here might be hard. You might want to google what states allow male guinea pigs to be sold.
Good luck

What?.... Is it actually illegal to sell male guinea pigs in some areas? I have never heard of this. So wierd, I thought I'd see what you all thought...
I do not know any of the US laws but I highly doubt that it's illegal to sell male guinea pigs in some areas. Also, it is a common misconception that males are very aggressive. Every pig is different, some are unwilling to have any friends, and some males will gladly live with multiple males.
I have never heard that before. I live in Indiana and I have 2 males. Males are sold everywhere around here along with females. Neither one of my males are aggressive. My youngest male piggie is the sweetest piggie ever!
That's totally ridiculous. Someone who knows nothing about guinea pigs or state laws is giving you bad information. Male guinea pigs, and females can (unfortunately) be sold in every state in the nation.
Thanks, thats what I thought, I googled it and nothing came up. Goofy people...:crazy:

Now get this.... I went to my local feed store today, and the lady there told me how they were going to get some baby guinea pigs in next week. :grumpy: But the weird thing is, she said, the people she was ordering them from could no longer sex them for her, or rabbits either, because it was now against the law to do so, because it was too 'intrusive'. I was googling this too, but came up with nothing... Thats a load of crap too, isnt it? How could that make sense?! Avoid invading the animals privacy, and insure that loads of unwanted babies are born?! What the heck?!:mad:
There aren't any laws against it, but most stores in my area only sell females, or only seldom get in males. I think it's because females generally smell better, and are (supposedly) easier to bond with each other.

If you have nice-smelling guinea pigs that are best friends, people are more likely to tell others about them/keep getting piggies, as opposed to to boys who smell like boar stink and bicker all the time. It's also better for pets, because a lot of parents would make their kids get rid of their piggies if they smelled too much. My dad was reeally displeased when I adopted an older boar, who DEFINITELY had a stronger boar smell than my other piggy.

That being said, anyone who has educated themselves about guinea pigs would be just as happy with boys or girls. I love my two boys! :)
I only have one boy, and he doesnt stink at all. :) That's why Im looking to adopt another male, mine is lonely. Im just having a hard time finding one anywhere near me, and the wierdness Im getting is, well, just wierd.

I dont believe they made it illegal to sex guinea pigs and rabbits, that just doesnt make sense... :eye-poppi
I doubt that there are any laws against sexing animals of any kind.

I can believe that the supplier doesn't want to sex them, because there might be liabilities if they say they're one gender and then turn out to be the other. It's also sometimes hard to do with young animals, and they may want to move them out before they're old enough to tell which is which.
Oh man, "too intrusive" to sex a guinea pig? Someone is pulling your chain or misunderstood what they were told. What a load of piggie poops! :)
Haha, I know right!? My eyes got big when the lady told me that! :eye-poppi Yup, I believe the supplier just doesnt want to sex them. I wasnt planning on buying one from them anyway, but I feel bad for the poor people who do, some will be getting pregnant females.... :( I guess in a few months craigslist here will be flooded with piggies to adopt...
I know that the PetSmarts near me only sell one gender at each store. Sterling has males, Reston and Leesburg have females, etc. The store manager at one told me that they are "rarely" missexed (ha-ha) and that if they are it's the distributors fault.
Well that's odd...I have seen male piggies sold in petsmart and petco where I live. I have never heard of male piggies being illegal and I can't see a reason that they would be.
I live in the US and have never heard of such a rule. i do reccomend looking in local shelters, what state do you live in? They might require you to get a license to sell on craigslist but it doesn't apply to buying. As for the aggression of males, they are much less agressive than females, yet more territorial. GOOD LUCK :) The sexing law is fake that would lead to ovetpopulation of guinea pigs.
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I have lived in Georgia for a long time and I have adopted males there at a rescue near Atlanta. There is no law that I know of that will not allow you to adopt or buy a male guinea pig there.
That is, well interested. I have never heard of such a thing. I got my two "girls" a month ago at Pet Co...turns out they are both males. I wouldn't trust anyone sexing them at a pet store ever again.
I have never heard of a law stating that boars can't be sold in certain states. I am pretty sure that male cavies can be sold in any state. If not, why? They aren't ALL aggressive, in fact, I know some of the nicest pairs of male guinea pigs in my state who NEVER fight and just popcorn around all day, if banning boars from certain states was a law, it would/should be eliminated.

Julia :)
I know that the PetSmarts near me only sell one gender at each store. Sterling has males, Reston and Leesburg have females, etc. The store manager at one told me that they are "rarely" missexed (ha-ha) and that if they are it's the distributors fault.

I recently went to a Petsmart in my town to pick up hay, and overheard a very upset mother complaining they gave her two pregnant females- after being told they were both males. I've so far given up on pet stores, especially after that same Petsmart suggested I put Tang in my guinea's water.
ProudPiggyMama, That is horrible! I never buy from petstores anyway, just from shelters and I grow my own hay.
Is tang like vita drops? At a petsmart a year ago they were deathly overdosing the guinea pigs( yes the vita drops can kill) , I know this because the water looked like soda because of the drops!
Most places around here carry only boys... The one Petsmart says that's all they order in. that store caries only males as to keep them from being sold preggers or ending up preggers
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