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Is this okay?


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Dec 29, 2004
I usualy feed april a half cup of this mixture on a big boc choa leaf (I dont know if I spelled that right) it consists of

several tipes of lettuce including romaine and red but no icberg
spinach leaves
yellow and red peppers
broccoli slivers

Are all the vegetables okay for piggies
I think so, but try not to feed to much of the carrot becasue I think (I was told this) but they can get too much vit. A I hope thats right, although my boys have never been affected yet and carrots are their FAV. food
I usually pick most of the carrot out I was mostly worried about the hiccuma.
Feed her at least one cup of veggies a day. Here are things about your veggies-

several tipes of lettuce including romaine and red but no icberg - very good
spinach leaves - only two days a week
carrot - one baby carrot two to three days a week
yellow and red peppers - very good everyday
cucumber - limit to four days a week
tomato - two-three days a week
hiccuma - I would limit to 2-3 days a week
broccoli slivers - 2 times a week. Causes excess gas

Also try cilantro (every day), parsley, (2-3 days a week), kale (2-3), endive or chickory (2-3) and fruit three days a week. (strawberry, kiwi, blueberry, melon, watermellon, etc.)
I feed her that mixture twice a day so she does get a cup is the boc choa okay?
Cabbage is only good a couple days a week.

Feed her lots and lots of vairety. Keep a base of leaf lettuce, keep the bell pepper and the cilantro, but throw in three or four other things and rotate them every day- new combinations all the time. She needs variety.
There is nothing wrong with feeding cavies iceberg lettuce - it is not very high in vitamins (so should not be used on its own to meet their daily vitamin needs), and has a high water content - but is not harmful in any way to them. It can be fed in moderation - as long as its introduced gradually.

My guys get it regularly and have never had problems.
Iceberg can actually be very harmful to them. It is known to cause loose stools in piggies and we all know that a healthy piggy poos are suppose to be nice and hard, but this is not the case when too much iceberg lettuce is given. I forgot what they call it, but it something like a dierictic (not spelt right).
suzy_99 said:
Iceberg can actually be very harmful to them. It is known to cause loose stools in piggies ....... when too much iceberg lettuce is given.

If a cavy is not used to Iceberg lettuce, and its introduced in large amounts all of a sudden (and not gradually), or if very high quantities are fed then yes, as you said it can cause a problem.

But you will find that that is the way with a large majority of green foods. The key is to feed in moderation - not in high amounts, and to gradually introduce any new foods to a cavy's diet.

Why would you feed it to them when it is mostly water and contains no nutritional value?
Please don't feed iceburg lettuce to piggies. There are many other lettuces that are much better for them.
Peppers!!! Never tried my pigs on them, that's one to remember for the winter then.

I've had pigs in the past who were very partial to beetroot - though it gave my white faced one a very pink chin.
Iceberg lettuce has no nutritional value and very high in water... I think that it causes diarhea.. Correct me if I'm wrong. like said before, why even feed it? A waste of your money, and other lettuces are much better and I assure you, they would like it better too.
odo01 said:
Peppers!!! Never tried my pigs on them, that's one to remember for the winter then.

If you are talking about bell pepper, it's great for piggies daily because it has quite a bit of Vitamin C in them. The green ones have less C and the red ones the most C and the orange and yellow are in between the green and red with the amounts of C. Why wait for winter, start giving your pigs bell peppers now.
Why even feed it? They love the taste, gives them variety, is free (as its off the lettuce I eat), high water content - great for hotter weather, and is by no means harmful to them - why not?

Yes, as I said it has no nutritional benefits to them - so it cant "make up" their daily vitamin needs - but it would only cause diarrhea if, as I said before, fed in large quantities or introduced suddenly to a diet.

I would certainly not say that a small amount of iceberg lettuce every other day would be the blame for a cavy's diarrhea - and in owning cavies for close to 20 years, have never once had a cavy with diarrhea.
Matt if you want to feed your pigs iceburg lettuce then you are certainly entitled to do so even if the rest of the board advises you not to. However, you cannot force the rest of us to follow your example.
Why wait for winter, start giving your pigs bell peppers now.

Well I would, only my two little characters are turning their noses up at anything I offer them that isn't freshly picked grass (from the organic farm behind the house) cucumber or the odd hazel branch to nibble at.

I'm hoping they'll expand their taste buds a bit once the supply of grass begins to tail off in the autumn.
Odo, do you offer it just once? I have found with new veggies the key is to give them small amounts each day over several days time and leave it in the cage for several hours.
Many years ago, with my first piggie. I killed him by giving him iceburg lettece. He was young. I gave him a piece, went to bed and in the morning found a very sick piggie. I took him to the vet and he died. The vet said it was the iceberg lettece and it gave him diarrhea. I have never given another pig iceburg lettece.
I'm working on feeding mine pepper. They don't like them so far and I even found them buried in the bedding. How long should you offer?
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