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C&C Alternatives Is this ok for a cage?

It looks pretty spacious. It could work if you make the ramp longer (less steep), and add side rails. I would be worried about the wires though. If the wires are not sharp, it should work.
Thanks, I'll have a think about it :)
But, geez, for that amount of money you could make practically a dozen huge c $& C cages!
We don't get any grids where I live, and just to get a pack of 16 online costs more than this whole cage! Plus I'd need to buy coroplast and cable ties...
I used the white wire shelving. It's very sturdy. Is that available where you are? The cage is very nice, but it's expensive. Can you visit a hardware store? Maybe you can come up with some ideas there.
You could probably built a wooden frame cage with screen around it (as long as the edges aren't sharp) much cheaper than the cost of that cage. That's a lot of money to spend on something that will probably be hard to clean. Is the whole bottom level open or is the section under the nesting box closed off? It's hard to tell from the photo. If the bottom is open or made of wood, you'd still need a protective surface to protect your floor. Plus, if the wood is treated, there could be a risk to your pigs if they chew on it.
I don't know what shipping is like, but if nothing else, you could always buy a C&C from the site. Just a suggestion. ;)
Nah, they don't ship to New Zealand :sad: And if they did it would probably be really expensive.
I'm not really very good at building things... I can't even build Lego! :D
The wire shelving I've found was really expensive - $37 for just one little piece!
This would just be more convenient for me. I actually just bought one that's similar, but easier to clean... so I hope it works well! :)
Thanks for the help :)
Awww! I'm sorry to hear that. Is New Zealand an island in the middle of no where? No one ships there? (Not trying to be smart, I honestly don't know, but it seems I've seen "not shipping to new zealand" some where before.)

Glad you were able to find an acceptable alternative, though! ;)
yes! New Zealand is a group of Islands way off the coast of Australia lol
I think it's a shame that no one ships to New Zealand. I wonder if it's an import tax issue; there seems to be a great demand for products, and no suppliers.
Yeah, it is a shame :sad:
And yes, we are "the little country by Australia" hahaha :D
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