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Shavings Is this Aspen Bedding ok??

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It's fine. Aspen bedding is usually ok.
I use aspen bedding for my pigs. Personally, I like it much better than the Carefresh bedding which I think has an odd smell. I buy Aspen shavings at Tractor Supply Company and it isn't poky at all.
My guineas are allergic to pine. Some guineas are "okay" with pine, but I made sure to switch to something else. Aspen is what I've used, and it is very good - unlike pine or cedar, which have the natural aroma that are deemed toxic to most small animals, aspen is very safe.

And if you were to use "carefresh"... make your own :) so much cheaper.
The only pine that's safe for guinea pigs is kiln-dried pine. With any other kind, you run high risks of respiratory and foot problems.
I don't know what we sell here, but we only have one kind and Honey had a bad reaction with what they gave me when I got her. So I used fleece for a bit, and now I am making my own carefresh :)
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