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Diet Is there whole menu ok?


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Dec 18, 2011
Hello there again,

So I just wanted to make sure that this whole menu is ok, and if not, what I should switch/add/delete/change.


They get 6 spoon fulls of KMS timothy based pellets, mixed with 4 spoon fulls of alfalfa based same brand pellets (Because of baby) Per day, and that is split into two bowls, so 3 spoon fulls of timothy and 2 of alfalfa per bowl, but if one of the bowls is not yet empty the next day, I just won't fill it up again.

Veg and Fruit

Each Day

About four leaves of romaine lettuce
About one stalk of parsley hand feed to baby (Though she never eats it all, and the other pigs will get what's left)
About one half a yellow pepper
About two handfuls of cilantro

Once each week

About two ears of corn (If they are big, one, they also eat them slowly over a few days)
About two small carrots with tops
Some fruit (Whatever we have on that day, half a banana, half a apple, a kiwi...)
Some Green Beans

Some Times

They'll have some of other things we have, such as strawberry tops, orange peal, cucumber, ect


For treats I give them something I picked up from the pet store that's dried carrots, and peas. I know people say to just give them veggies and no treats, be these seem fine, they really like them, and I often hand them treats while walking past the cage, and I can't really carry around fresh veggies in my pocket. xD They also get oxbow vitamin C tablets, since they don't seem to like fruits that much. Also just as a side note: When I try and give Fus the vitamins, she seems to try and eat them, but just leaves small teeth marks, then she will try again and do the same. And with treats, she will take them and then spit them out. She seems to be eating and drinking fine, but should I be worried about her teeth?

Sara and the pigs
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