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Impaction Is there anything you can do to prevent/help impactions in very impaction prone pigs?


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Mar 6, 2007
My boar Charlie is 5 1/2 and he's had problems with impaction since he was about 3, and lately its just been getting soooo bad. Its gone from being an every 2 weeks things, to a weekly thing, to a bi-weekly thing, to basically a daily thing of me having to help him out and clean him out. I cleaned him out really well yesterday morning and just now there was already a decent size clump.

Is there anything that can be done to help?

I really don't think its the same thing, but, my dog has anal gland issues and we supplement him with Metamucil as per the vets recommendation and its done wonders, he hasn't had to go in to "get his but done" in almost 5 months now. Would perhaps doing this help with impaction? Is it even safe to start with for a piggy? If its not safe is there anything else to do to help prevent impactions?
I'd be interested in what other have to say about this,too. Metamucil is made from psyllium husk, which is hygroscopic . It forms a thick gelatinous mass and needs to be chased down with tons of water to avoid dehydration and choking. Seems like it could be potentially risky for pigs.
I would not use metamucil for your pig.
What are you using to clean him out? You can use mineral oil.
I have had a pig that came to me inpacted. After cleaning him out, it was something I had to continure doing. I do beleive once the use of that muscle is gone it stays gone. I am not positive about that but it did seem to be true in my case. My pig was an older pig also.

Is he getting a good quailty hay and veggies daily? I will check into this and get back to you.
I checked with guinealynx. Once the muscles have weakend they do not come back.
There is a whole section on guiena lynx about impatiions and cleaning that might help you.
i adopted a 5 year old boar that had issues with imoption and was told the same thing @suzilovespiggies posted - once they got it they got it forever. there are days when it seems that jerry is able to push most if not all his poops out, and some days when i really need to help get out a good amount of clumps. i was told to cut back on veggies, and increase the hay and exercise, thinking that might help. i do still have to clean him out twice a day. i don't mind - it takes all of 30 seconds, and i tell myself he must feel better afterwards - i know i do when i get "cleaned out"!
Yea, I've read that page on GL before and mineral oil is what I use. And I understand that its an on going thing, thats what I meant by weekly at first but now daily, that's how often he needs it done, I just thought their might be something to help make it so it needs to be done less often.

He really is not very active at all, especially if its cold in the house, he doesn't like to leave his favorite cozy, he'll even drag his pellet bowl in there with him, haha.

And yea he's getting good quality hay and pellets- both Oxbow, oodles and oodles of hay to his little hearts content and 1tbsp pellets AM and 1tbsp pellets PM (total 1/8cup a day). As for veggies, yes and no. It's not so much that he doesn't get good veggies, its just that he often hasn't been eating them. He's been sooooooooo picky lately. He never used to be like this, now its like he goes through "phases" where he'll only eat certain things. For a while he'd only eat endive and cucumber really well, then he stopped touching endive and would eat green leaf and carrots, then stopped eating carrots, started finally eating green bell pepper again, right now he's only eating his red leaf, celery(and he used to not even like celery!) and tomato. And even when he does eat his leafy greens he really only eats the super green leafy ends and leaves the stalks. This is probably better off a whole knew thread but we don't know what to do with the boy! He wastes soooo much, and we hate for him to be not getting enough vit C. I weigh weekly and he hasn't been loosing weight (and this has been going on for a month or 2) so I guess he's getting enough of what he needs but still...
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