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Pregnancy is she pregnant?


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Feb 9, 2012
i thought my guinea pig was pregnant, but the vet said today she doesn't think so or if she is, she didn't feel or hear anything. the other day it felt like something kicking. just like a tiny tap. i also thought i heard a grinding noise. but the vet didn't hear or feel anything.... ??? could it just have been her breathing? she's not very big and the vet said she is young from what she can tell. i wanted to put a video on of the kicking i saw... to ask if it was just heavy breathing. but i can't figure out how to get it to upload unless i open a youtube account.
Is this vet a cavy savvy exotics one? Usually some dog & cat vets will see guinea pigs, but don't have enough knowledge of them. How long have you owned her, and when could she have gotten pregnant?

It's sometimes difficult to tell without an expensive ultrasound, especially if she isn't far along. Gestation usually ranges from 59-73 days, the further along the pig gets, the more pear shaped the abdominal & back area becomes. Kicking is usually felt at the very end of the pregnancy.

Instead of a video, you could upoad a picture of her from above.

Read through these links when you have the time.
You can't usually tell about pregnancy until the pig is pretty far along -- at least six weeks, and maybe longer. Pregnancy usually lasts 9-10 weeks.

Has she been with a male pig? And if so, how long ago? Also, how old is she? If there's any chance that she's older than 8-9 months, you'll need a vet lined up in case she has trouble delivering.

One sign of pregnancy is weight gain in her lower belly -- if you think she might be pregnant, weigh her daily for a while. As she gets farther along, you'll be able to feel the babies kicking if you put your hands on her flanks. A little farther along, and you can see them kicking. A week or so before delivery, you may be able to hear their teeth chattering. And 2-4 days before delivery, her pelvic bones will separate by about the width of your finger. That's the sign that delivery is imminent.

You can read more about pregnancy and labor at www.guinealynx.info. Click on the Index and you'll find the topics.

link to video of her either breathing or something kicking. i will take a pic of her from above.

just edited to add that she doesn't always breathe like this if this is just breathing... this only happens like this every so often
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It looks like labored breathing, the worry being a URI. Does she always breathe like this? Is there any wheezing, sneezing or watery/crusty eyes/nose?
the vet does not specialize in exotics, but she is very knowledgable about guinea pigs. she actually recommended me to look at cavyspirit. i'll have to get that pic after i get back. i got sasha 10 days ago and her cagemate is sadie, who the vet confirmed is a girl. sadie & sasha came from the same cage at petsmart, so if one does turn out to be pregnant, i won't be surprised if they both are. i will read those links as soon as i get back. thank you!
Ditto HannibalLecter, that is labored breathing and definitely not baby pigs kicking. Has she been active, or does she seem pretty sedentary? I would schedule a vet visit.

Edit: Just wanted to add that an exotics vet is really what you ought to look for. Being a vet is still a business, and if it means more patients, a vet that usually only sees dogs and cats would be more than happy for the business. Being only "knowledgable about guinea pigs" can lead one to miss serious problems. The fact that the vet overlooked breathing this labored is a concern.
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oh gosh. well thank you for letting me know! is there any way that aspen could have caused that breathing? when i took that video she had a bunch of aspen in her cage for bedding. (i was waiting for the new cage & fleece supplies to arrive.) when i set up her new cage i put in fleece & care-fresh. but she did have aspen in her cage for the first 7 days i had her. the vet said her eyes, nose, and lungs were clear. she did a very thorough exam and took her temp. she couldn't find anything abnormal. do i wait and see for a little while before traveling to an exotic vet? i think the nearest one is 1 1/2 hrs away. i don't think she has been in a big cage ever and she is running and jumping a lot. when she was in her store-bought cage, she just sat there all the time or ate. if she has uri, would she still be so active? (now that she has 16 square feet of space) she does love to sit and snuggle more than her sister, but once she's in her new big cage she's all over the place squeeling and jumping. she's eating really well actually and that's why i thought she was pregnant. but maybe babies just eat voraciously? here are some pics (one at the vet waiting to be seen) and one at home. i did look at the above links (thank you!) and pics of pregnant sows. now that i've compared, she does not really look pregnant. i guess i was wrong... is she pregnant?is she pregnant?
Aspen isn't generally a problem as a bedding. I'm using it at the moment, two different brands, and neither has any odor at all. If you notice any odor to yours, you may need to open it up, spread it out somewhere, and let the smell wear off. I don't know how long that would take, maybe several days.

I don't know that what we're seeing in that video is labored breathing. If it is, one of mine occasionally does it, and she's never had any other problems.

I think I'd be tempted to just watch her very closely, particularly after any exertion, and see if it happens again.
ok she's been lying on my lap munching on cilantro with my hand very still under her belly for a while. i still think i feel some slight movement. my daughter did the same thing and she also felt something move a few times. it's not all the time, but when i hold her like that quietly for several minutes i think i feel something. but surely not, if the vet wasn't able to feel or hear anything? i guess time will tell. i didn't use the whole big bag of aspen i bought so i smelled the unused aspen and it does have an odor. it's a diff. brand than i normally buy for my gerbils. i will air it out really well before i use it with my gerbils. (they've always had aspen and never had a problem.) and just use carefresh in the kitchen, but i only use it in the 'kitchen area'. since i got back home today i haven't heard her or sadie sneeze. they both are going through a lot of food! i keep the cage stocked with hay and i have to fill that 3 times per day. they eat 1/4 cup of pellets by noon and wheek for more. they eat their veggies within 30 min or less. and they want more! i am guilty of just refilling the pellets at noon and giving a second helping of different veggies at night. hope i'm not over-doing it, but they are so hungry. they are also going through 2 bottle of water / day. is this normal? their poos look fine. maybe i worry too much.
okay sasha had an episode of that 'breathing' type thing again just now. is it normal to be able to feel that on her belly? it did not happen after exertion. in fact, she's been very inactive today and yesterday. she only comes out of her hut to eat. she will let me hold her for a long time also and stretches both front and back feet out. she loves being pet. and it's then that i notice her belly is a little bigger. the 'breathing' (what looks to me kind of like kicking) only happened once today that i saw, and other than i haven't noticed any other problems. also when i put my hand under her belly i feel movement. not constant tho. just a quivering feeling that happens a lot but not all the time. she is not that big or anything but she has gained some weight. her private looks more pointed than before unless i am wrong. she doesn't have any other issues, so i still am really thinking she might be pregnant even tho the vet said she's not. still, she doesn't have an obvious pear shape. also, what exactly does purring mean? is that a bad thing? and what does it mean when they are extremely vocal? not super loud like wheeking for food. a softer noise. sadie (my other girl) is very vocal around sasha today, no matter what i do. sasha is very quiet and sadie won't stop. sadie also won't leave sasha's side and if i hold sasha, sadie looks up at me and wheeks loud until i pick her up and cuddle her too. sorry so many questions. i am reading as much as i can but being new to guinea pigs, this is kind of confusing. i thought the vet would have all the answers, but... alas.
Unless I missed it, you never did say how long it has been since she was with a male?
oh i have no idea. i got her and her sister at petsmart feb 3rd. they told me they only sold females.
oh i have no idea. i got her and her sister at petsmart feb 3rd. they told me they only sold females.

Yeah, petsmart sometimes lies about that. Not as much as the other pet stores I've noticed but they have back rooms where they keep animals before putting them on the floor and I know that they sometimes get the wrong sex animals and have no where else to keep them but the back. My friend was at one point a dog trainer for a petsmart. I'm not saying she's pregnant, but you never know with pet stores.
When I went to petco and talked to them they told me that the only sex they get is females for guinea pigs so I am not sure.....
Really, at this point, what difference does it make if she's pregnant? Pregnant sows and young guinea pigs get the same things to eat. You won't do anything different for her than you would for any young guinea pig until she gets within a few days of delivery, and by then, her pregnancy would be very obvious.

If you're feeling something move in her abdomen, it could be babies or it could be digestion. I wouldn't worry about it, and I'd watch the breathing stuff carefully. But she's already been checked by a vet, so unless it worsens, there's not really anything to do.
ok, sorry. i'll stop posting then. thank you!
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