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General Is my female pregnant? Brand new gp owner here...


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May 16, 2021

New gp owner here.  Confession time - I lost my 17 year own min pin 2 month ago and then not even a month later our 6 month out pup. I saw an ad looking to rehome 2 guinea pigs and here we are today, completely impulsive, I know.

While I originally thought they were females, it has become evident that the younger one is a male. They have been living together happily but when I got a new cage with more space I see that they have separated and prefer to have there own space.

I've begun doing research and am realizing how not ideal this situation is.

I have gotten a second habitat to separate them (although they really do enjoy each other)

The female looks like she could possibly be pregnant although when I got them their diet did not include fresh veggies which I have now give to them twice daily.

Her belly feels very firm and plump lately though, more so then 1 month ago.

I live very rural. No exotic vet within 3 hours. If she is pregnant, will she die without a c section? How much time do I have to gather the funds and make a plan?

I love these little things and want to do right by them. Any suggestions to make the best out of this situation would be appreciated.
Embarassing... New to forums...on my phone and trying to navigate but I see I can read and learn. I also see that I did not even post in the right place but for the life of me, cannot figure out how to delete me post. Very sorry! If admin could delete for me it would be appreciated :)
Welcome to the forum!

Here's a thread on how you can know if a pig is pregnant. But if she's been with the male, she most probably is. https://www.guineapigcages.com/foru...inea-pig-is-pregnant-And-how-far-along-is-she

Do keep them separated. Guinea pigs can get pregnant again within minutes of giving birth, whether a normal delivery or a miscarriage. Back to back pregnancies are very hard on the sow and the second litter of pups. You definitely don't want that to happen. Don't let them play together, or be together at all, even if you're watching. It takes less than three seconds for a male to impregnate a female, and you could sneeze and miss it.
Most sows don't need C-sections, in guinea pigs C-sections are a last resort and often don't have a good result. It is possible for a sow to have pregnancy complications that require medical intervention, for example a pup could get stuck, or she may retain a placenta, or she could prolapse, etc. so saving up some funds and finding a vet that you could get her to in an emergency may be a good back up plan.

Guinea pig pregnancy lasts roughly 59-72 days, larger litters tend to be born more towards the 59 day end of the spectrum whereas smaller litters tend to go more towards the longer 72 days. However as you have no idea how far along she is and she was already housed with a male when you got her she could give birth at any time.
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