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Pregnancy Is my Female GUINEA PIG PREGNANT ??? Please help me


Cavy Slave
May 22, 2012
I have a Female Guniea Pig that that i think is Prego, So i need your help with this and i need to know for sure, so i know what to exspect...When we bought her we was told that we might be prego and she came with her mate and her baby that she had, sh if she is pregnant, this will be her second, but HELP ME ! i have no idea what im looking at here. I hope that oyu can help thank you


100_2559.jpg 100_2560.jpg 100_2561.jpg
looks pretty darn pregnant to me!
do her sides feel hard? don't press on them you don't want to harm the babies, but just kind of feel her sides and see if they are firm.. you also should be able to feel babies kick if you place your hands on her belly.
The middle pic looks like she is but the bottom doesn't look like it.
You can always just weigh her every day to see if she is gaining weight.
That's all I can realy tell you, I hope someone more experienced helps you out.
Your piggie is beautiful
If she was housed with a male, then she's probably pregnant. Is she drinking much? How old is she? Is she more agitated then usual? How long has it been since she gave birth? Was her baby male or female? Is her mate or baby still housed with her?
If the baby is a female, you can keep her with mom.
Her Tummy does filll firm.... but i do feel something.... I don't know how old she is....Her baby is a male ( not around her ) and Daddy is with her but now he will be separated from her.. When we got her she was NOT big but now we have had them for over a month now and she is big now, i have to fill her food up, like every 2 to 3 days ill take more pictures if you need them
[GuineaPigCages.com] Is my Female GUINEA PIG PREGNANT ??? Please help me[GuineaPigCages.com] Is my Female GUINEA PIG PREGNANT ??? Please help me[GuineaPigCages.com] Is my Female GUINEA PIG PREGNANT ??? Please help me

This is momma in the first pic and the second one is there home and the third one is
momma far right
daddy in the middle
baby far left
Do please get the father out of the cage ASAP. She can get pregnant again immediately after giving birth, and that's very hard on a sow. Pregnancy in general is hard on them, but back breeding is much worse. She looks pregnant enough to deliver soon, and he needs to be gone before then.
make sure your cage is baby proofed as well if it needs to be!! they can fit through the c&c squares
You said the baby was a male. You can put Daddy in with the little guy. If some of the new pups are male, at 3 weeks they can join daddy and brother. Any girls can stay with Mama.

Your mama pig is going to need extra calcium. She can have veggies with calcium, alfafa pellets, (Oxbow Cavy Performance), and alfalfa hay. The babies can eat the same as mama until they are 6 mths old.
Keep us posted and pictures of course.
P.S. The 3 pigs are just gorgous!
ok well the baby and daddy are separated from momma, but i cant put daddy with baby, daddy will mess with the baby to the point where we have a separate them, so i dont know if she is in heat or preg, but since all of you all have said that she is pregnant then ill go with that ........
How Do i baby proof the cage for the BABY"s Let me know thank you
Is the baby a male or a female? Babyproofing, You can get extra grids and overlap them with the grids in mamas cage. By overlapping you create openings to small for the babies to go thru. Or you can take cardboard and put it all alround the grids so the babies cannot go thru at all.

It must be babyproofed or the babies can get out of the cage or get their heads stuck which can strangle them.
Yes, babyproof for the babies. Why can't you put the baby boy and the dad together? You can do regular introductions if you need to (see Guinea Pigs Social Life -- the introduction section is about halfway down). But boars and babies generally do pretty well together, at least until the little ones turn into obnoxious adolescents, and sometimes even then.
i cant put daddy with baby for some reason the daddy fights with the baby, so i dont know if the momma is prego or not but she is separated and well see what happens in a couple mouths
I know this isn't the time, but you have a very nice cage.
Did you do proper introductions on neutral ground before putting them in a cage together? It's possible the dad might think that the baby is intruding on his territory if you just put them in the cage that smells like the dad.
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Blue butterfly what are you talking about im not understanding about the baby and daddy
@MrsRoeder2011, it's very rare for an adult guinea pig to attack a baby. @BlueButterfly is asking if you did proper introductions -- clean, neutral territory, with lots of food and room to roam around. Or did you just plop one pig in the cage with the other? Read the link I gave you in post #15 for instructions on how to introduce them.
well they have never had that problem before until they have started danceing in front on momma so ill read that and seee what i need to do thank you
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