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Nails/Nail Trimming Is it safe to use?

Personally, I wouldn't use it, only because I don't quite know how each and every chemical in it will effect the piggies. I think the good, old fashioned flour-and-water paste is probably the best, especially if they nibble on their nails afterwards, you don't really have to worry about what they are ingesting.
I use cornstarch instead of styptic powder. Cheaper, and works just as well. I use infant nail clippers to cut their nails and haven't had many issues with that, other than Lucy's black toes.
Yes I always have cornstarch on hand I use the infant clippers but I also keep a pair of guinea pig clippers for those nails I cant get. Ill just stick to the regular styptic powder or cornstarch. Just wondered about this as my Emily has black nails.
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