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Is it okay to use a LARGE aquarium if you provide a cooling system?


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Sep 29, 2007
I have a old, large aquarium and I was wondering if it could be used as a temporary pig cage. It is larger than my current cage. I was searching online about how people cool aquariums and I found out that stores make fans for that. Would the constant air blowing hurt the pig's eyes? I am getting a much larger cage for Christmas, and the aquarium happens to be larger than my present cage. Also would a cooling pad work better? Do they make a cooling pad? :?:

Thanks for all replies and suggestions!

Also here is a link of a example fan:
Any sort of draft air could cause a cold in guinea pigs. They'll start sneezing. I would just stick with the cage. Guinea pigs don't like extreme cold anyway.
Thank you. Also, since aquariums have poor ventilation because of their tall sides, would it work to custom order a aquarium with short sides?
Ex: Like if you had a four feet by four feet, short-sided aquarium, would it offer good ventilation? :confused:
Aquariums no matter the size just aren't appropriate for guinea pig housing.
If you are willing to "custom order a aquarium" why dont you just pick up some cubes It would be alot cheaper.
Ditto the above.
I would buy some grids and put towels under them and clean up the poop evrty day. It is not worth sacrificing your piggie's health and overall well being.
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