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Hay Is it ok to rotate hays?


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Dec 18, 2011
Hello again,

I was wondering if it is ok it "Rotate hays" I've been always just buying 2nd cut timothy for all my pigs, but kinda wanted to try some/all of the different kinds, to see which my cavys liked better. So I wanted to know if it was ok to just change the type of hay like that? For example, from 2nd cut timothy to 3rd cut, or from meadow to bluegrass? I didn't know if it was ok to just change cold turkey, or if it's not ok to change the type they have very often. So is it ok to get different types?


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As long as it is a good grass hay you should be fine. I switched from timothy to bermuda grass hay cold turkey. They ate it but not as well. I switched back to timothy and you would of thought Id given them gold. I stayed with the timothy.
I have read that alot of pigs like the sweet bluegrass hay. Check it out and see what your piggies like the best.
Just be careful with 3rd cut Timothy. I've heard they love it, and will refuse to eat anything else, so just give it as a treat.
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