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Pellets is it ok to feed this to GP?


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Apr 14, 2012
(broken link removed)

is it ok?
I have not heard of that brand but in the picture you can see little bits of seeds and other things that guinea pigs should not have. It looks to be a lower quality guinea pig food. I recommend KMS, Oxbow, or Sweet Meadows (I've tried Oxbow and Sweet Meadows and the pigs tend to like Sweet Meadows better. I have't bought KMS but others RAVE about it!). You can order all three online and get better quality pellets for about the same as the lower quality pellets sold at pet stores. I would buy any of the above mentioned before anything else!
I'm no expert, but I would say no since it has seeds in it (you can see them if you blow up the picture). I'm sure someone with more knowledge will be along with more info. soon. I know that foods with seeds, colored bits, etc. are bad.
It's crappy food. The first five ingredients are wheat, soy, corn and alfalfa, whereas the highest ingredient should be a grass hay unless the pellets are for young pigs. Lots of soy, lots of corn, lots of dye, which has no place at all in guinea pig pellets.

Petland Discounts appears to be only in the Northeast, which means you're very close to (broken link removed). I'd try ordering their pellets online.
I just ordered 5lbs of food from Sweet Meadow and it cost me just under $17.00 with shipping. It might be cheaper if you're closer to them. My girls LOVE this food! They ship quickly, too.

If you order 5lbs from them it will actually be cheaper than ordering the food you were originally asking about.
oh im asking beacuse i got a bag for those food
i took out every seed and hard objects as possible O.O
Even with all the stuff taken out the pellets are not good. The main ingredient should be timothy hay or alfafa hay. The pellets isnt high quality. I dont reccomend buying this again. Oxbow, KMs, Sweet Meadows or even Kaytee Timothy Complete Pellets (What I feed) Are what you should buy
ok thank you very much
No problem! Im glad you decided to research the pellets and ask questions!
You can also buy Purina's Mazuri plain pellets. The above mentioned are the best but if you are able to use the shipping. Purina can be ok. I live where shipping is to expensive. I have used the Mazuri brand for 10 years. It too can be bought on line.
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