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Biting Is it normal for my guinea pig to be biting?


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Mar 12, 2010
Hey, is it normal for my guinea pig to be biting at it's cardboard box? She was also biting softly at my finger yesterday as well. Are guinea pigs meant to eat the long stalky parts of the hay because I'm worried her teeth may be too long.
Guinea Pigs teeth grow continuously, so they NEED TO CHEW on things. Hopefully you have wood chews in her cage.

I don't know about the Piggie biting at you. One of my girls does the same thing..... hopefully someone can help me on that as well as help you too.

I hope the Guinea Pig you have isn't living in a cardboard box, too.

Also, try and get a picture of her teeth and post it so we can see please.
I've experienced two types of biting with my piggies: a nervous/scared nip and a curious "are your fingers food?" Nip. The scared nip has gone away quickly as they become more comfortable with me. The curious nip has gone away much more slowly. When it happens, I pull away very slowly and let out a soft whimper. My nibbling piggy now nibbled much softer and usually licks instead.
Ok thanks. I don't think her teeth are too long because I just took her to the vet to get her teeth trimmed a week ago. No no, the cardboard box is her hidey house, she's not living in it. :)
With my 4 piggies, I found that they ignore wood chew toys. They do, however chew their wood hidey houses like crazy! I found some wood houses at the local petco, but they are made of pine and smell very strongly so I didn't get them. Instead, I ordered these off of Amazon:
(broken link removed)

The rabbit one is great for 2 full sized piggies, and the guinea one is great for one piggy (unless it is huge!). I think they are made hardwood, and they are advertized as being untreated, pet safe wood so I hope they are!
Fuzzywuzzy, guinea pig teeth do not normally need to be trimmed. Many non-exotic vets will trim them, but doing so can actually set them up for molar problems, which you really don't want.

Unless your pig is drooling or is unable to get food in her mouth, please do NOT let a vet trim her teeth.

Mine are 2.5 years old, refuse to chew on anything wooden in their cage, and have never had a tooth trim.
She couldn't eat the vegetables as in she kept nibbling at it but couldn't actually take bites out of . The vet said she had malocclusion of the teeth and that I would have to go every month, but I'm hoping that if she's eating fine I might not need to take her there.
Did he trim the front teeth, or the back? Unless one of them is broken and is growing back, uneven front teeth are caused by misaligned back teeth, or by jaw problems. Unless your pig has molar problems that have diagnosed by a cavy-savvy vet who has anesthetized your pig, x-rayed it, and looked at the molars while the pig was asleep, you're being sold a bill of goods by a vet who doesn't know what he/she is talking about.

If a pig is unable to pick up food with it's front teeth, it's probably because the back teeth aren't meeting properly. It's the back teeth that need working on, not the front.

If your pig is still having trouble eating, you need to hand feed her until she can eat on her own. Cutting her food into matchstick-sized pieces and putting them in her mouth will help her do that.

Please do NOT take this pig back to that vet for more teeth trimming. If the pig continues to be unable to eat, please take it to an exotic vet that has experience with pig dental work.

It is possible that if the pig has molar problems, her molars may need to be trimmed every 4-6 weeks, but it's very doubtful that her incisors will also need to be trimmed.
I'm not sure which teeth he trimmed, I think it was the front ones. But anyhow, she's eating perfectly fine now. :)
I'm very glad to hear. Run as fast as you can away from that vet.
Speaking of teeth: @bpatters Shelby won't touch his wood chews either. He eats his hay like crazy though. I was actually curious if him chewing on a whole baby carrot would help his teeth also or is it better to just keep cutting up the carrots? I gave him a whole one the other day and he seemed to enjoy working on it. Are other forms of chew things necessary as long as pigs eat the hay? He has a Timothy hay cube also that he gnaws on from time to time.
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