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Sounds Is He is OK?


Cavy Slave
May 20, 2012

I just became a Guinea Pig Mama of 2 very sweet little just about to turn 4 mths old Furry Boys. I've had them for a week now. I've never had any before so I am a bit concerned and learning allot to find what is "normal" noises/behavior.

I just wanted to ask about my Sonic because he is the more "calmer/sweeter" of my 2 as of what I am learning from them and when I pet him he does the purring noise but I hear a slight whistle/wheeze in it. As I said I've had them for a week and he had actually purred for me but I noticed a change in the purr the past 2 days.

Am I just being over protective of them or should I be concerned or should I wait a bit more. He is fine otherwise- eating, resting,playing and he was the first to popcorn for me.

Thanks so much its only been a week as I said but I do love them already. My husband got them for me as a Mother's Day gift so now I'm a mama to 5 with my 2 Furry boys so maybe I've just being to over protective about them.

Thanks so much for any advice & help in advance.
Without hearing audio of it, it's difficult to know if the whistle/wheeze sound is cause for concern. Normally a wheezing type sound is associated with a URI but since you said appetite is normal and behavior is normal, that may not be what you are looking at. Do you see any discharge from eyes or nose?

Guinea pigs are prey animals by nature and thus, will hide any signs of illness or weakness. The one thing they cannot hide is weight loss. So I would start keeping weekly track of their weights.
He has normal bright eyes & clear nose. I will start to track his weight & hopefully he'll be OK... Thanks for the advice :)
When it starts getting warmer and the first few days I have my AC on, my piggies "wheeks" sound a little wheezy/ whistle-like and sounds like they might be losing their voice?

But if it gets any louder or he starts doing it more often [not just during a pet-and-purr session] get hime to a cavy savy vet asap. Like @CavyMama said, guinea pigs are prey animals and sometimes don't start showing obvious symptoms of illness [lethargy, not eating/ drinking, etc] until it may be too late.

Keep a watchful eye on him if you're concerned. Being a new parent to these pigs can be a little daunting at times and it may take a while to notice little changes in behavior, so just bear with your beautiful babies for the time being
My hubby was actually giggling because he says I have "newborns" all over again. As I am listening & checking & making sure everything is OK with them. That is why I am on my toes with any changes. This AM I'll give Sonic another over view when I clean their cage for the morning. I really am in Love :)
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