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Is 1 pig enough?


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Feb 27, 2012
I've never owned a guinea pig before, but have a friend who's guinea pig is expecting. We have planned for my daughter to get one of the babies, but the more I've read about them I'm wondering if I should get two. Those with experience, Any thoughts/ advice? Thanks!
Welcome to the forum! lol I definitely recommend two! Guinea pigs are social creatures and usually love having friends. My guinea pig really blossomed once she had a friend to talk to and run around with :)
Guinea pigs are herd animals. They are much happier when they have a buddy :)
Two. The difference in their behavior when they have a friend is amazing.
We got our first pig and then about a month later we got her a friend.
It was amazing the difference in her personality. When they were introduced they cuddled right up to each other. They seem very happy together.
Another vote for two pigs here - guineas are always so much happier when they have a friend to hang out with.
Two for sure. When My Momo got pregnant (accidentally), we separated Hershey (the male) from her and all Hershey did was sit in one spot of his cage all day long. He seemed so depressed! We got him neutered and three weeks later he joined back with Momo and one of her babies, Carmen. I now have a happy trio!
Two. The same sex, of course. Welcome to the world of piggies! We love pictures too.
I agree with everyone above! I recently added a second piggie and they are so happy! They talk to each other and follow each other around.
Welcome to the forum! I would strongly reccomend that you get two, in their natural habitat they live in groups of something like 5-8 guinea pigs. They're so much happier in pairs and even if you give them lots of attention it still isn't the same as human company. Although if you're getting two or more keep them in same sex groups. If you really want to have a male and a female then you should probably get the male neutered or keep them seperated, which would mean two males and two females and keeping them all apart. That's why most people have same gender piggies because it's just too expensive to get them neutered of seperated. I hope you enjoy your pigs when you get them! &Do have a look at the main page for c&c cages. The sooner you know about them, the better :) Please post photos when you get your piggies! Everyone loves photos here :D
I only have one and she has somewhat bonded to my three pound chihuahua of course I am working on getting her a guinea pig friend, trying to convince the hubby
Please be careful when letting dogs and pigs together- it's not the safest of practices, regardless of how good the dog may be.
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