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Bonding Introduction and Question about bonding 3 guinea pigs


Cavy Slave
Mar 14, 2013
Mar 14, 2013
Last February we started our guinea pig adventure by adopting Fluffy (boy). We made many mistakes at first (adopting from pet store, pet store cage, etc.) but I soon found this website and learned how to be a better piggie parent and got Fluffy set up in a nice 2x3 C&C cage with fleece.

We decided it was time to get Fluffy a buddy. Yesterday we got 2 more (boy) guinea pigs from someone on Craiglist. I had been looking for about a month and didn't want to buy from just anyone, when they were posted along with a 2x4 C&C cage and fleece I knew the past owner was up on piggie knowledge. We have named the two new guys Dozer and Gizmo. I was told they are under a year old, although Gizmo is a big guy. I got excited and quickly got to work combining the two cages to make a big cage (2x5 with a upper 2x2 Kitchen). I kept the new guys, Dozer and Gizmo in the big cage and put Fluffy into a smaller cage and set it right close up next to the cage.

Tonight we decided to start the introductions. I should have checked here first, but was excited and jumped the gun and pretty much just plopped Fluffy down into the big cage with the two other guys. (hanging my head in shame:eek:hmy:) Let's just say the next few minutes were not good, luckily no all-out fights but lots of running and jumping. We quickly took Dozer out and figured we would just start with Fluffy and Gizmo. Gizmo is clearly trying to be the more dominant one. There was a lot of rumble-strutting (Gizmo), butt sniffing, teeth chattering, and chasing!! Gizmo was clearly taking the dominant role and Fluffy just looked scared and confused. A few times I was thinking this was a bad idea when Gizmo started chasing Fluffy. After about 25 minutes they calmed down and each claimed a corner of the cage. Occasionally Gizmo would come near Fluffy and start sniffing and chasing would start again. After about an hour we put Fluffy back into the smaller cage and had Dozer join Gizmo.

Gizmo clearly shows dominance with Dozer as well. I was told that they had only been a pair for about 1 month.

My question is what is they best way to go about introducing 3 guinea pigs? I was hoping I would get lucky and they would be instant buds but that is not the case. Hopefully my first attempt has not scared Fluffy for life. Also is a 2x5 cage adequate for 3 males?

Thank you and sorry this was so long :D

This is Fluffy!
IMG 2640
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