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Introduction and little Ekeko's story


Cavy Slave
Apr 23, 2012
Hi everyone, my name is Samantha. I got little Ekeko a few weeks ago for my 22[SUP]nd[/SUP] birthday. I’ve had guinea pigs all throughout my childhood but haven’t had one in a long time and this site has been invaluable to getting back into swing of things regarding good/bad foods etc.

Ekeko is the cutest and most loving friendly little cavy I have ever owned, though I’ve had her only a few weeks or so she is already very happy to be handled and has settled in extremely well. My boyfriend Jonathan who has never had a real pet is absolutely in love with her and thinks she’s the cutest thing he has ever seen!

We consider ourselves very lucky to have found a guinea pig with such a big personality like her; this is even more the case considering that at the start of last week she became very ill, couldn’t balance properly and developed a head tilt.

She was immediately rushed up to the vet whose first diagnosis was a brain tumour but prescribed antibiotics just in case. Devastated that she might have to be put to sleep we tracked down a small animals specialist vet for a second opinion. After an extremely thorough check over, he was able to tell us that it was in fact a middle ear infection and that as she was a very healthy little guinea pig other wise, she would recover. She is now a hundred times better and running around like normal again but still on her antibiotics course.

As soon as she is fully recovered she will be getting a little cage mate.

[GuineaPigCages.com] Introduction and little Ekeko's story[GuineaPigCages.com] Introduction and little Ekeko's story
She is absolutely gorgeous! Hope she recovers well :)
Welcome! So glad you found the forum!
Your Ekeko is beautiful with such a calming face (second picture). So very glad she is better.
Looking forward to sharing with you.
What a cute pig! I am so glad it turned out to be a middle ear infection instead of a tumor, phew. She is lovely and glad you are getting her a friend to share the love.
AWWW she is one of the cutest pigs! it is great that she is doing better,I'm sure she will love a buddy(or two hehe) please keep us updated on her!
Hi and welcome! What an adorable little girl you have there! So happy that she is back to her old self and it was only an ear infection.
How do you pronounce her name?

She's gorgeous!
Her name is pronounced "Ee-key-co" It's the name of a south american deity of good luck and fortune, thought that was apt as her little guinea ancestors are from there. I'm not sure if i'm pronoucing it completly accurately, but it suits her how it is, sounds cute when you say it!
CUTIE, I love piggie's coloring.
She's really cute!
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