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Introduction and Advice....


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Jun 28, 2012
Hello! We are tickled pink about our new addition, Ella. She is a happy, precious, loving little girl who loves snuggles and kisses. :) She is the newest member to our home of Mom & Dad, 4 kiddos (18, 12, 11, 9 yrs), 3 dogs, 1 mini lop bunny, 4 gerbils, several fish, and now sweet Ella. :love:

I'm wondering if anyone can help identify her breed. I have done some research, but I cannot seem to pinpoint exactly what she is. The closest I have found is to the American Satin, but her hair is longer than the typical American. It is very smooth and silky. She doesn't appear to have any rosettes, and although she has a small white strip on her forehead it doesn't stick up like a crested.

I believe that she is a brindle color, but would appreciate confirmation of that.

Another question is... we have an herb garden that we use to feed our bunny. I've done some research to see what herbs Ella can eat, but each site I visit seems very inconsistent. I'm wondering what herbs you all feed your babies and are there any to definitely stay away from?

We have plans on creating a C&C cage for Ella and Anaia (bunny) to share. Anaia would take the lower 2 levels of the cage and Ella would have 2 levels upstairs. Has anyone had experience with this type of cage? I saw a great picture on the cage gallery here and that is what gave me the idea. They seem to get along... well, they are kind of indifferent to one another. They will sniff nose to nose and then go about their own way. They are content to play in the same area while we have them out, but it's not as if they play ball together. LOL

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Hi furry family and welcome to the forum ! I have a guinea pig like yours actually and I was told she was an American satin, however the way you describe yours with having longer fur makes me think your guinea pig could be a cross breed but have most of the American satins breed. A c&c cage would be great for your guinea pig and I'm sure many people will agree, and I hope you don't mind me adding but putting a guinea pig and rabbit together even if only for floor time can be very dangerous. It only takes your rabbit to kick out once, and your guinea pig could get hurt. I don't know much about herbs for feeding my guinea pigs, but mine like green and yellow bell pepper, kale and carrots, and again welcome to the forum I hope you find all the information you need here, and maybe someone else will be able to offer you more advice on the breed.
Thanks so much for the info! We do have Ella in a C&C cage all her own at the moment. I guess I forgot to mention that part. :eek: I don't mind you mentioning your concern at all! We are VERRRRY careful when they are out together. Someone is always right beside them with hands at the ready to intervene. We started out slowly introducing them, letting them sniff through the cage bars, holding both of them, etc. Ella isn't allowed on the floor alone, for the simple fact that we have too many feet and we don't want any accidents. Anaia is a very docile and passive bunny, however we all know that accidents do happen, and for that reason they won't be allowed unsupervised visits. Again, though, I thank you for your concern. There are too many people who don't take enough precautionary measures with their pets. Our animals are our family. :D
Your welcome and glad to here you take care of your pets so well :) and like I said your guinea pig looks a lot like mine the fur looks the exact same to, except my guinea pigs called butterscotch.
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