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Introducing... Ume!


Cavy Slave
Jul 18, 2011
I have had my guinea pig for about... 5 months now. This web-site and forum have been soo much help to me. But I had to make a new account because for some reason, I could not make any posts on the other one... I think I forgot to do the whole e-mail verification thing LOL.
Anyway, this is Ume when I first got her.
Introducing... Ume!

She is much bigger now, and a lot fluffier! If I'm not mistaken, she is a Peruvian piggy. She has the 'rosette' on her head, and definitely has the long hair.

Oh, my name is Tricia by the way!
hi Tricia, welcome to the forum! if your aloud you should get that piggy a friend since they're pack animals.... but if you can that OK :).
She's so cute!
What a cutie pie ❤️

I want to steal her. Her long hair is so pretty.
Thank you all.
Yes, she has a new C&C cage, and we are in the process of getting her a friend. The one we got was... not quite acting right so we took it back where we got it. We are going to go back to the same place we got Ume to get her a new friend instead.
that's great :)
Welcome...she's super cute.
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