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Behavior Introducing two new boys and fleece size question


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May 2, 2011
So in a couple of months I'll be ready to search for another pair of boys. I've read over quarantine procedure and introductions on guinea lynx, but as far as I saw, it was introducing a single boar to another single or pair. I'd be introducing a pair to another pair.

If I was to set up their introduction space in my room, do I put both new pigs in at the same time?One at a time?

Sorry if I completely missed this on Guinea Lynx. It may end up with me getting a single boar if for some reason I cannot adopt from foggycreekcavy's rescue.

I also might as well put a question about fleece here,too. Does Joann's Fabric sell pieces long enough for a 2x8? I'd rather have single, long pieces of fleece so I can clip it into place. I have a persistent burrowing pig. Unless guinea pigs have some sort of aversion to long cages.
As for the fleece, here is a good thread about it.
But you will need to buy 3.5-4 yards of fleece to have enough for a 2x8.

As for the introductions, just put them both in the neutral space with veggies and let them meet at their own pace.
congrats on new gp
I have another question about their behavior when two new boys are introduced.

When the pecking order changes, how much will it effect their existing personalities? Buttercup has always been my sassy dominant. If he is no longer head honcho, will he act differently? I really love his attitude. It will be odd if it changes.
It's already been said, but yeah, put all of them down at the same time.

Pecking order will of course change, but as far as their seperate personalities, it's a toss up. They could change completely, only a little, or not at all. I've had so many different situations with past male pigs. I adopted November and Alenko a little over a month ago and November was one chill pig. After introducing the 2 to Warden, he's changed quite a bit. He seems a little more high strung at times just trying to asset his dominance towards Warden [which is NEVER going to happen, haha].
You'll still love him and he might not change his attitude towards you during alone time, but behavior in the house can change completely. =/
Would my two existing pigs possibly be happier with 1-2 new additions as well?

Numa and Buttercup only seem to tolerate eachother. They don't even like laying too close together! If one companion is better than being alone, surely the more the merrier? As long as there is plenty of room, obviously.

It's not my main motivation for getting more, but it's a thought.
Again, it just depends on the other pigs and yours personalities when getting them together. Just because they don't lie down next to each other doesn't mean they don't get along =P

Adding another may mix it up a bit, more love, more excitement. Or have the opposite effect. If you're able to have more than one cage if necessary, I would try 2? That way, if something doesn't work out for whatever reason and you have to split the guys up, you'll at least be able to make 2 pairs, matching personalities as you see fit.
Yes, they need a separate 2x4 for the 3 week quarantine anyways.

Thanks for all the help!
thanks for posting this. i currently have 2 2x4 cages. one with 2 boys, the other with one boy. i had to splui them up due to fighting. i'll be adopting a friend for the lone pig this weekend, if the meet and greet goes well. i've been wondering myself whether it's worth it to try to have all four meet and to work towards one 2x8 instead of 2 cages. sometimes i feel like if it ain't broke, don't fix it. 2 2x4 cages, right next to each other takes up the same room, and if both pairs are happily living together, why change that? i'm not convinced they'd be happier living together as 4 boys instead of 2 pairs. sorry if they hijacked your thread a bit, but i felt like this was a related question. let us know how the intros work out. good luck!
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