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Introductions Introducing new pig to current pig


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Nov 17, 2019
Nov 17, 2019
I have a 7 month old guinea pig, Luna, who I've had for 6 months, and another baby, Star, I got about a week ago from a pet store. I want to introduce them soon, but not risking either of their health. Luna's really excited and squeaks whenever I go over to Star's cage or when she hears Star make noise. I want to make the transition smooth, and I've done a lot of research but I thought I'd ask people who have more experience with this.

They are on opposite sides of my room, as far as I get them, in separate cages, and haven't had contact yet. Is a week enough time to ensure that Star and isn't going to get Luna sick or should I wait a little longer?

When it is safe to put them together, should I start by putting their cages next to each other before letting them meet, or should I just let them meet on the floor for the first time?

When I put them together, do I let them work stuff out and after an hour or so of no fighting put them in the cage together? Or put the cages next to each other and break up the time on the floor?

Star is still really shy, and hides whenever I go near her cage. Should I wait until she's more comfortable with me, or would putting her with Luna make it easier since she's used to being with other pigs and Luna isn't scared of me anymore?

Thank's for any advice you have I'm really excited to see them together :)
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