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Introductions Introducing.......Jack!

Guinea Pig Papa

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May 12, 2015
As some of you may know, we lost Simon rather abruptly on Oct 9th.

After giving Leo some time with Simon to understand that hes gone and to grieve, Leo shut down. He spent three days underneath one of their plastic stool hideys, only venturing out to eat and drink. A similar thing happened with Leo when we lost Scooter. I knew Leo needed a buddy, and I wanted a senior to pair him with because Leo is 5 1\2 years old.

Now, I am not religious by any stretch. Not intending to demean or belittle anyone who is, that's simply my belief. That said, I DO believe that there are forces out there that we don't comprehend. And I believe this is one of those cases.

The day after Simon's passing, I was at the vets dropping him off for cremation. While I was there, my phone got an email from a local classified ad website that there was a lone male piggie in need of a home, maybe two years old. I dismissed it, because I was looking for a senior. I had already applied to a local rescue (oddly enough, 5 weeks later I stlll have no response from them)

An hour or so later, sitting in my car at the parking lot for the vet, unable to drive due to the profound grief I was experiencing at that moment, my phone dinged with a second notification for the same pig. I looked again and noticed that he was being offered for free to a good home. We all means that he would wind up as snake food, so I messaged and inquired about him.

Too soon for me. WAY too soon, and still is. But it isn't about me. Later on at home, my wife and I were discussing names because we had already decided to take him. And because it was close to Halloween and he was orange, black and white I settled on the name Jack. As in, Jack O Lantern. Punkin was named in a similar fashion.

So when I went to pick him up, I offhandedly asked what his name was in case I liked it and decided NOT to change it. (That happened with Leo) And she replied, "His name is Jack. " I was absolutely floored. And it gets stranger. She was going to bond him with a pair of boys (which we all know doesn't work and thats why she listed him because he wouldn't bond) and those boys names were Alvin and Theodore. She was going to rename Jack to Simon.

Too many coincidences for me. I am utterly convinced that even though Simon had to leave, he led me straight to Jack.
Jack, who was a very quiet, solitary pig who wouldn't eat veggies in his former home, now does zoomies, popcorns, loves his veggies and is a very happy boy indeed. He and Leo hit it off right from the start and even though they are nowhere near as close as he and Simon were, they get along just fine. So here is my newest addition to the home, Jack.

I love his eyebrows, his muttonchop sideburns and his distinctly two sided colouring. And his personality.


20231012_120014.jpg 20231012_125921.jpg 20231012_125915.jpg 20231012_125736.jpg 20231012_125731.jpg 20231012_125727.jpg 20231012_125721.jpg 20231012_125712.jpg 20231012_120642.jpg 20231012_120005.jpg
You can't tell from these pics, but Leo is ALSO orange, black and white. Mostly black and white but he has orange swatches. He has a funny bum, his nads are different colours 😂
I should also mention that the lady who had Jack before I did, said he was maybe two years old. I put him at a year old, maximum. His toes and toenails are perfectly straight and very, very young looking.
It IS interesting that you had 'too much to be coincidence' event with Jack, similar to how I feel about Little Bear and Talwar.
What an amazing coincidence. Jack and Leo look like they're having so much fun together. Thank you for taking such good care of Simon, and for providing Jack with a safe and enriching home. Please try to take care of yourself too during this difficult transition time ♥

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