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Bonding Introducing a 3rd baby male...


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Nov 29, 2011
So Baby Qtip got taken out of quarantine today. He's about 6 weeks old (give or take).

Gunner and Tank went into the kitchen and i brought in the baby. The first hour was normal, lots of wheeks, squeaks, rumbling. Gunner is the Alpha... or was. I'm not sure what's going on. Tank is blocking Gunner from Qtip and they're both chattering and nipping each other.

I snap my fingers and they stop, lie down, and chill for a few minutes. Then they'll start back up.

Right now, they're all lying down, Tank blocking Qtip from Gunner, and staring at each other.

Is Tank protecting the baby or holding him hostage??

I've only done the bonding with Tank and Gunner and it went alright. They're bonded and freak when they're not together. I just don't want to have to separate them because of a new baby.

*note: i have two separate spaces should that be inevitable, but i think it'll be ok after bathtime.
I think the males are fighting for leader rights again, now that there is a new younger pig to dominate. Hopefully the submissive pig stays submissive, if not, the worst thing that could happen is when the leader uses the baby to gang up on the challenger piggy.
Epic fail.

Gunner and Tank got into the red zone. I had to throw in the towel... I gave them both baths, changed their linens and put Qtip back his own space. They're fine when Qtip isn't with them, but they're just too violent with him.

Tank broke skin through a towel when i went to stop him from eating Gunners face. I'll try again in a couple of weeks, but 4 hours is too long for them to be fighting like that. Everyone needed a break.

One more try then it's a permanent separation. *sigh*
oh noooooo. Hope you don't mean permanent separation for the (used to be) bonded pair, that would be sad. :(
Oh no. They'll stay together. If i have to, I'll go buy Qtip another baby to bond with. I think they still had one of his brothers...
We have room for another big cage.

I knew it could happen. I just wished they would have gotten along like G & T did.
Squeaker, how about finding a pig to rescue to be Qtip's buddy instead of buying one? There are thousands of guinea pigs out there needing good homes. If you'll tell us what city you're closest to, we'll help you find one.
The shelters here are terrible. i went that route. Tiny island. Not a lot of choices. :/

All they had were females and i can't afford to fix my males to allow for a female.

I always go Craigslist first for people looking to get rid of their pigs. that's how I got Qtip. He was part of an accidental piggie birth. Not from a store.
When you introduce them again make it in floor time if you didn't already and put a huge amount of veggies in front of them that can help with bonding. But definately make sure it's a smell neutral area aka no marked scents like in their cage. You can also try introducing the new pig to just one of your pigs at a time and then add both. Just a thought. Good luck I hope it work out otherwise you will have four pigs like me! :) lol
Like what kelly91513 said if you haven't all ready put a lot of veggies down it my help to distract all of them from being so dominant. I was quite lucky with my because I had to introduce my older piggy to four younger ones and they got along pretty much straight away. There was signs of that head lifting thing to who could get there head higher but no fighting. So I have 5 sows living together peacefully (atm) but I think I just got lucky with my piggies, hopefully yours will start to get along.
I read the social life article. It was really helpful and i went by the red/yellow/green thing and didn't interfere until my two bonded males started fighting.

I had food down, but not enough. They've been living as neighbors for about 2+ weeks now so they know each other's scent. I have put them together one at a time and I'm thinking this week, i'll give it one more go. I'm doing it in my living room instead of the kitchen since it's bigger. I'll block it off and see how it works out.

*cross fingers*

Gunner and Tank both like the new baby, but they don't like each other when he's around. It's so weird. I'll update Tuesday when i know for sure if i'll be keeping them apart.
I hope everything goes A-Ok! Good luck!
I can completely empathize and sympathize!
I had George and Patch since February and adopted Charlie in May. Charlie was in quarantine for a LONG time because of a soft poo issue.
When I finally introduced them things went well for 5.2 seconds. Then George went ballistic. of the Patch and George combo, George is the dominate piggy. Patch is my social butterfly and played well with Charlie, but George was not having it. After George bite Charlie and drew blood, I separated them.
I then did the buddy bath, cleaned the cage again from top to bottom and gave it another try.
They did fine for 2 days. Then Charlie went ballistic and the result was horrible bites on the other 2.

I realized some pigs are just not meant to live together. So now they are in cages separated by a grid. They all interact well through the grid and they have floor time together for at least an hour a day. No issues during floor time, but living together is a whole different story for them.
I hope the next intros go well for your boys. I hope to try it again at some point with mine.
Hey guys... Guess what :D


Finally! I gave all 3 baths, cleaned the cage, rearranged, and put them in the kitchen with tons of food to distract. They were fine!
They've been living next to each other for 3 weeks only a grid square apart and they get along splendidly. Their cage is in my album. It's totally big enough for them to get away from each other and they're all eating out of the same bowl even though I have 4.

I'm so hapi and relieved! Thank all of you for your support and advice.

And Kim, I wish you all the best. I really hope Charlie and George learn to have piggie peace. I love their names!
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