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Cavy Slave
Apr 7, 2012
Hi Everyone!
I am Jessica and am a pet to my two cavies, Froto and Brodo. LOVE them to death and hope to get some invaluable and priceless information about them. I have had them boths about six months and our relationship grows and grows. I love it when they squeak because they are irritated at the veggies I provided at dinner (especially if it isn't kale). They soft squeak when I hold them and they kiss me endlessly. Some say its the salt, but I think its love at first nibble!
Hi! And welcome!
This is a great place to talk to other guinea pig lovers. And also to learn, I know I've learned a ton. I don't buy into the myth they just want salt, it's their little kisses to show they love you! Be sure to show us some pigtures when you can!
I have tons....how do I post them?
If they're on your computer, at the top of the text box, there'll be something that looks like a picture of tree. Click on that, then click on from computer. Then choose the picture, press okay, then press upload files. If it's on website, click on the tree, then click on from URL and put in the web address of the picture.
Welcome, love those names and can't wait to see the pictures. Love your name btw, my baby sister's name is Jessica, ha ha. Don't give them to much kale its high in vit A
For some reason I cannot seem to upload photos at the moment. I will have to try later :)
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