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intro for : Ziespiggies!

i already know everything! but thanks! and no my uncle has some of the most healthiest piggies I have ever known. he takes such good care of them! thank you so much! and the boys already live together
i am so happy to hear that you taught your piggy circles! i have been trying to teach my youngest male that for about 2 months. but he is just too pathetic! :p I will email you! what is your email? how about you we go to a chat together. i am always on chat around 10 or 11:00! and sorry about not emailing you. i have just been so buisy taking care of jubilee and everything. thanks so much! and yes I already know everything I need to know about taking care of guinea pigs. but if you want we can just chat!
So are you going to stop breeding?

And about your uncle...does he have a job? I'm pretty sure he can stop, many people are looking to adopt pigs, I'm sure they could all be taken from his hands. If he has as many as you said, he should re-home them before animal control does it themselves.
Also, guinea pigs can be pregnant with 2 litters at the same time, so the male could have still gotten her pregnant even though she already was.
@(broken link removed) yes he is doing that, i am sorry if you are really upset
i dont know what you mean? i dont know that much about litters how can she have 2 litters
There are two horns on the uterus of a guinea pig. It's rare, but they can have one pregnancy in one horn and one in the other.
I just feel sorry for the pigs having to go through so many unnecessary births. Takes a lot out of them, and is very dangerous. I hope you really have thought this over.
Hello, so glad you now have stopped intentionally breeding them. :)
How many pigs do you have now currently and how do you divide them up in the cages?
I love to see a picture of your cages with all these beautiful wheekities running about.
It must be so fun to have a herd of piggies, and watch them play and interact,...
Always fishing for cage pictures, love redoing my cages whenever i get a chance to adopt a new pig. :)
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