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Vet Insurance in the USA


Cavy Slave
Oct 9, 2011
EVERYWHERE I've looked is only for dogs and cats in the USA. D:

I have a specific budget put away for each month and this morning I spent extra money I didn't really have to save my guinea pig from pneumonia. xP I woke up to her sounding odd and sneezing and I instantly took her to a Vet. They said she has a cold and we're glad we caught it early. I'm now giving her antibiotics to treat her and she seems to be feeling better but I just shelled out $118 bucks for her today and I'm worried if she gets sick again I'll be in financial trouble and won't be able to do anything about it. I want to put it on my Christmas wish list so I have a back-up plan in case something happens to Shae Shae. :(

I've looked for previous insurance threads but I only found ones for the UK. Any recommendations for good quotas for US Guinea Pig Insurance?
I actually picked up an insurance pamphlet yesterday at my vet's office. It's for VPI Pet Insurance. They do the typical dogs and cats, but also exotics. They don't specifically list Guinea Pigs, but I think they would fall under the catagory of "Pocket Pets."

No clue what their rates are or anything, but they are the leading pet insurance company in the US.
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