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Reference Instructions: How to make a Hanging Bed


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Mar 22, 2010
I've wanted to make my own "cozy" design for a while now. After a little brainstorming, I came up with this cute hanging bed.

Here are the instructions in case you want to make your own:


Start out with an "almost" half-oval. 12 inches in height - 37 across. Then, following the picture, cut 8inches off (on the dotted lines). You will be using the big middle piece for the project.

Now cut out 2 circles with diameter 14 in.


Take the 2 circles and sew them together leaving an opening to stuff it. Flip it inside-out and fill it with stuffing. Now sew the opening closed You should have a pillow. This will be the bed part.

STEP 3: Take the non-circle piece and fold it in half. I sewed in the velcro (to hang it) at this point. Sew along the black lines as shown. (It's inside-out at this point)
This is what it will look like right side out. (Notice the where the velcro is.)


Flip it back inside out and sew the pillow and other piece together to make something like this:


Flip the entire thing right side out, do any finishing touches, and put it in the cage. Congratulations - you're done!

Watch the pigs enjoy! My pigs like this - Oreo is sleeping in it as I type!
Aww thats so cute, love it, can you make me one! :p :D
Oh wow how awesome is this! :) love your idea!
Thanks! One edit for Step 3: Don't sew the two pieces all together - you have to leave an opening for the door.

Let me know if you have any questions!
Phoebe approves lol
Wow - AWESOME job! That's so funny, we have almost the exact same fleece!
I love this!! Great job. I think I need to take a trip to Joann's for new fleece :)
Looks so cute! But I want to know what stuffing you put inside. Thanks!
Thanks Ted&Ham! I used Poly-Fill stuffing. (100% polyester) It says it shouldn't bunch up in the wash, but we'll have to see.

ETA: I got the stuffing at Walmart
How precious! I love it! I so wanna make one now!
Fleece run!
I made one but I altered it a bit. It the same concept except a lot more sewing.

Is it okay if I post my picture in the photo gallery? I always give credit to ideas that I didn't come up with.

Hammie is so happy with this! Thanks to you, I have finally seen him completely shut his eyes!

Its not supported or hung. It's just like that.

But thank you so much for the idea! :love:
Nice job - that's a cute cozy! Yes, post it in the gallery! I have no problem with you doing that. Hammie is one cute pig!
Ok I am totally making one of these in the very near future!! I love this idea and since I have two levels it is perfect! I'll shall snap pigtures of the finished product and how the pigs approve!
I think Hammie might be the most beautiful piggie I have ever seen! Shhh don't tell my boys...
Wow this idea sounds and looks great! So great in fact, that I'm not studying for my last final (like, EVER!) that's today and instead cutting out the fleece fabric to make this bed! Hahaha, lol. But seriously, I love it and am definitely adding it to my list of things to sew before I have to pack everything up and leave this weekend. Thank you!:)
Great tutorial..thanks so much can't wait to make one. I must say too that Hammie is so beautiful and the coloring is so unique!
I just made mine and it came out a bit lopsided but all my first projects tend to be like that. The next one for my second piggie that I will be getting in just less than a week (FINALLY!) will definitely be better;)

[GuineaPigCages.com] Instructions: How to make a Hanging Bed

[GuineaPigCages.com] Instructions: How to make a Hanging Bed
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