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General In progress. Help!

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Feb 18, 2012
Okkayy so I put my cage together decided I wanted to put a loft but I have to put a top on my cage how would i do it? with out cutting the grids.

This is what I have done so far. and How much coroplast would I need for that top place? its 1x2.
[GuineaPigCages.com] In progress. Help![GuineaPigCages.com] In progress. Help![GuineaPigCages.com] In progress. Help![GuineaPigCages.com] In progress. Help!
I can't tell you how, because I've never done it myself.

However, here's a link to the photo gallery for multi-level cages with tops. Look around and see if it helps you figure it out.

Closed, Multi-Level - Guinea Pig Cage Photos
How much coro you need for the top depends on how high you want the walls to be.
I guess I just want 6" sides. I need to now asap my dad wants to go get it now!!D:
use a measuring tape and add six inches...
How do I measure it?
Do I add 6 inches to both measurements?
Yeah, so say the inside is 27inches by 14 inches, I would shave off a bit or it's not going to fit... So... 26inches by 13 inches, then add 6 inches to each side so you can fold up.
Great setup you have so far!

Here are a couple of shots of the lid I built...

[GuineaPigCages.com] In progress. Help!

Open. If you look in the center you will see the 2 grids I used for support, to keep the top from caving in if one of our cats got on. I knocked the wire out of 2 grids and de-burred to give him walk around space.
[GuineaPigCages.com] In progress. Help!

A close up of the cable ties I used in an X pattern to form the 'hinge'

[GuineaPigCages.com] In progress. Help!
I was wondering if there was anything I could use until I get my coroplast tomorrow..D: I didn't know the sign shop closed so early so I have to wait till tomorrow but I want my little buggers to move into their new cage.O: Or should i just wait till i get the coroplast?

@Dee_E That blanket you have hanging it one of the blankets I am going to be using for a cage liner.:p
Okkayy thanks.:D
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