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Important Reminder


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Oct 8, 2004
Lately we've had quite a few people making comments about others' posts in regards to grammar, punctuation, needing to proof-read, etc. etc. Please remember that unless you are one of the moderators, those kinds of comments are inappropriate.

The moderators are the ONLY people who should be correcting the posting habits of others. Our job is to be the bad guy, so that members don't get on each others' case, causing petty fighting and hurt feelings.

If you find a post that you feel needs work (and by needing work, I mean more than a few misspellings or missed punctuation), then simply PM one of the moderators about it. No matter how frustrated you are from trying to decipher a poorly written post, though, don't comment on it.

Now, everyone, take a deep breath, and say this mantra, "Only moderators get to critique the posting of others. I am not a moderator; therefore, I should not criticize the posting habits of other members." (Obviously, VJ, Ly, Salana, PM, and T are exempt from this mantra. :))
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I would like to add that we have an impaction for "posting like a moderator". If you receive one of these it's because you have gotten onto someone about their posting. It also is the moderators job to give the link to the posting rules and ask members to read it, not yours.
Just moving this up. :)
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