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Heggies I'm thinking about getting some Hedgehogs..


Cavy Slave
Sep 24, 2011
And I was wondering what advice anyone could give me... I know they shouldn't be allowed to hibernate and that they need to be kept at 72 degrees... what I want to know is want type of food to feed them, if they can live in a C&C cage (I have two guinea pigs;females both so i was hoping to make one for the hogs as well) As I said I'm looking at getting some. I don't at this moment have any but would like some later one in the year and want to get all the information and research into these pets now so I won't have to worry as much when I do get them... Thank you for your time
Thank you very much for the site... and I'm sorry you can't have any.. I've noticed alot of pets Cali doesn't allow... like ferrets
@SeeSpotSit Don't you hate that?! I wanted a hedgehog sooooooooo bad. I mean the fact is you can go out of state to get them, like Las Vegas, but the problem lies then in finding a vet that would see it. That's what stopped me.

I wanna move to Tennesse now lol
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