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I'm so confused, it's so difficult to find cavy


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Jul 19, 2009
I've joined another general online forum that one of its thread is talking about piggies. And of course, we -the members who own and love our pigs- discussed a lot about piggies. Recently (about this week) there are several members who lost their pigs, and some of the others said that there are some worrying signs with their pigs. We are so confused, there are nothing wrong with the treatment, they have a clean standard cage, enough exercise, enough pellets, enough veggies and unlimited hay. I don't know if it's as an impact of the strange weather we have here recently (we have totally hot noons and extremely heavy rain at nights), but the signs are there. Some of the pigs have cough, wheeze, labored breathing, and anorexia. Well, not all the signs happened to every pigs, but sometimes only 1-2 signs.

We haven't find any good cavy savvy vet (it's very difficult to find where you live in a place that vet only visited by dogs and cats owner). As far as we know, there's only one quite cavy savvy vet in another city. And we know none in my city. Some vets even give "strange" comments when see or hear the word guinea pigs :
- "What is this?"
- "Wow, cute rabbit"
- "I don't know if there's such this kind of long haired pig"
- "What kind of dog is guinea pig?"
One of my online friend who once took her sow to the vet, and the vet gave it injection. Later, her sows started to hopping.

Until now, we only try to give our best care to our pigs based on this forum, and also guinealynx. And now I feel so hopeless and desperately need a good cavy savvy vet but it seems really difficult to find. :weepy:
I hope you can find a knowledgeable vet. The signs are pointing to a URI or worse, pneumonia. If not treated, they are both fatal.

Heavy rains at night can bring on some dampness.
Thanks for the support, Ly. I'm still searching for the best vet that I could find.

So, the weather could be the problem. We've been through this kind of weather almost all this year. It's so worrying to know that lots of pigs getting sick and I know that my pigs could be the next.
That must be so scary and frustrating! I'll be thinking of you and your piggies and hoping for the best. It sounds like you are doing all of the right things so if something does happen it is out of your control. But maybe that is even more frustrating. :(
I went to this website:

(broken link removed)

and it should come up with some cavy savvy vets. When my piggy got sick we went to this website and it showed us several vets. The one we went to was not in our city but it was in Belton,MO and they did a great job. AEMV stands for Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians so it will only come up with vets that specialize in exotic and it will also have their website, what types of animals they treat, their phone#, the address, and the vet's name. I hope your piggies get better! :)
I went to this website:

(broken link removed)

There's no Indonesia option in the country list, but thanks for the help.

By the way, a new hope has come. There's one vet that promote his new clinic on that forum, fortunately he is on the same town with me. And from his promotion, it seems like he do 24 hours house call, consultation, vaccination, surgery, lab checking, grooming and also sells dog/cat food. I realize that maybe he won't be different with the others, but from his posts he seems a nice guy so I just send him a private message saying that we desperately need a cavy savvy vet, and also put guinealynx and this site links to give more informations about guinea pig. And I also say that I didn't mean to act like a lecturer, and I'm really sorry if I looked that way. What I really want is to know where should I go when I need help.

I really give my best hope on him, I hope he don't mad at me for being such a lecturer and that he would take and read the links that I gave him and become a cavy saviour in my town for the sake of all those cute little piggies.

Please pray for my luck..:)
Good luck Fridzalone! I think it's wonderful that you are being proactive about this and helping to educate someone who could help your town's pigs!
I congratulate you in not giving up and doing all you can for your guinea pigs.
You are truly a great owner! And I wish you the best and I hope that you can find a cavy savy vet.
I'm not sure if this would work, but if you found a vet who really cares and wants to learn, perhaps you two can use guinea-lynx as a way to diagnose certain things and learn about safe medications.
I sent a private message yesterday to the vet that examined Mai and Pikka (the one that gave me tetracycline prescription). And I also told him that I'm using cimetidine because tetracycline could bring a side effect (it's more polite than if I say it as a toxic), give belly massage, force Pikka to exercise, syringe her with water, and also put the link of motility page of Guinealynx, told him that I got my information from there and I really hope that my experience could be another suggestion for his vet experience.

And he hasn't reply to me back. I hope that he's not thinking that I'm being rude and try to lecture him. :(

I'm still waiting for his reply.

The vet just phoned me, he said that tetracycline is fine as long as use it as an injection antibiotic. And he told me that he use the recommendation on BSAVA book. He also thanked me to gave him links of guinealynx and guineapigcages. He said he will read the links. Maybe I was too worried but now I'm so happy and grateful. lol
They actually thought your guinea-pig was a dog? Ha, ha!
I'm glad your vet is learning about piggies. :D
Yeah, he thought it was a dog.
And another good news, I told my online friends (who also a pig owners) to pick one vet in their town and encourage the vet to learn about piggies. Maybe if all piggy lovers in one town go to only one vet, it will help the vet to getting know about piggies. Now we have 1 cavy savvy vet in Jakarta, 1 will be a cavy savvy vet in my town, and 1 will be a cavy savvy vet in another town. I hope it will be a good start. :)
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