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Other I'm on a mission

Alana Tudhope

Active Member
Cavy Slave
Nov 7, 2011
Just visited one of the local pet shops and theres this gorgeous little brown and white female syrian hamster.. shes had a fight with the hamster she was being housed with and she not has a realaly sore looking cut up nose and her eye/eyebrow area is one large cut.

I'm on a mission now to try and find a home for this poor soul... we are even willing to supply whoever buys her a free cage, food, sawdust and bedding just to get her a loving home.. if she is still there on tuesday then we may consider taking her ourselves.. shes not even seen a vet for her injuries and when we took her out the tank she was in she was crawling all over us and didnt want to go back in.. we dont have the funds at the moment to go buy as her we dont get paid now till tuesday..
What is the update on the situation?
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