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I'm new here!!


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Jan 31, 2012
Well hello every one! Well lets see I got a pretty little piggie two weeks ago. And I love her to death already ❤️ :). So I am going to get her a cage mate in two days(don't worry no breeding I'm getting another sow.) my question was what do I need to do to introduce my girls?
Thank you in advance!!
Howdy and Welcome! I just did my first introduction this weekend. Research and follow the rules...everything will be great! Good luck!
You need to quarantine the new one for three weeks unless you're getting her from a rescue that has already quarantined her. That's to protect your first pig, and your pocketbook. If the new one is sick or has mites, you'll wind up having to pay for treatment for both of them.

And while you're quarantining her, read Guinea Pigs Social Life -- the Introductions section is about halfway down.

Welcome to the forum, and we'd love to see pictures of your piggies.
First, welcome to this wonderful forum, you will find tons of very helpful and useful tools and great support!
If you're going to be putting them in the cage together, make sure it's big enough for both of them and you really should have them introduced on neutral ground - i.e., floor time area. Everytime I've introduced a new piggie, I put them in their playpen to meet each other, watch how they interact and clean out the cage, put new bedding, fleece, fresh hay, pellets, water etc, then I put the new piggie in the cage first, get her scent mixed with theirs...it seems to work for me, I have four - two bonded from the start, added a third in October and our final girl just this month...all of them are doing great, I have them in a 2x6 main and 2x2 loft, plenty of room for all.
I'm new here!!I'm new here!!Thats my pretty sophie!! And i am going to adopt the other piggy from thew same place i adopted sophie:)
too cute!!!!
Why thank you guinnymom23! I would agree :D
Hi and welcome! She is adorable!
Thank you so much!
I agree!!! She's a beauty!!! One of my piggies, Freddy, is also agreeing. The other girl your getting, is she from the same litter? That would make it easy to socialize them together.
I don't think so but I'm gonna talk to the people and ask if there quarantined and I'm gonna give them floor time together before I put them in the same cage. I also have a 3x2 C&C cage, is that big enough?
A 2X3 is a little small for two pigs. A 2X3 is the minimum for one pig. 21 days quarantine is recommended. After the 21 days, an intro on neutral territory is in order.
Welcome to the forum! Congrats on Sophie, she is adorable! I have a Sophie, too and an Isabelle and a soon-to-be Amelia. Welcome!
Welcome to the forum! Congrats on Sophie, she is adorable! I have a Sophie, too and an Isabelle and a soon-to-be Amelia. Welcome!

Did you make your decision about just getting one?
aawww she is beautiful!!! She looks like an oreo! hmmm that sounds really good about right now.
Not quite yet. I think I might adopt both :)
Well I got Sophie's cage mate. They were housed together at the place I got them from.so they were reunited.


I'm so happy for you!! And them for being able to be reunited! They probably were up all night gossiping!! I still think they are litter mates. Twins!! What are you going to name this one?
They are SOOO adorable and it's amazing that they got to be reunited! What a great story!

One recommendation, toss that pellet mix in the picture. Pigs need plain pellets otherwise they will eat only the colored bits and not get the stuff they really need.
Yeah right now I. Just taking the pellets out and feed them the pellets but I'm gonna get them just pellets. And her name is checkers :)
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