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Im new here...


Cavy Slave
Jan 25, 2012
I have two adorable guinea pigs named Maggie and Seeds. Introductions between the two last weekend were fantastic. Maggie was grooming Seed's ear and cuddling/smelling underneath her chin. They always insist on sharing the same hidey hole. :cheerful: Unfortunately, the adoption centre in my city only had a 'package' of 3 guinea pigs who had already aged into their later years (6) so I was almost forced to buy from the pet store. However, I have few complaints because the store provided a great temporary environment for the piggies with timothy hay and hidey holes. Today I did my first session of floor time with the pigs since they are now at the stage of coming to the holes of their C&C cage to eat vegetables from my hand. I was excited to see that they were enjoying hay and playing follow-the-leader. They also couldn't stop pop corning! I never thought it was actually a real thing until now.

Seeds (left) and Maggie (right) enjoying the company of each other after introductions.:cheerful::cheerful:
Im new here...
Those two are so adorable snuggled in their little box!

I do wish you would have considered adopting from the rescue, as the older cuties would have loved to spend their "retirement" in the comfort of a loving home. I do understand your choice though. Welcome to the forum! You will find LOADS of information, inspiration, and GREAT people!
Hey, welcome to the forum!
I made an acount a while ago but never really posted anything. This is the first post I've done, so you should feel honered, LOL! I just LOVE those piggies, they are ADORABLE! And Seeds looks just like one of my female guinea pigs, Coffee. I just love them, I bet you're very proud, and you have a good reason to be.
P.S, I'm not a very good typer.
Thanks for letting me see them,
You want to feed about a cup of veggies per pig per day, with maybe a little extra lettuce thrown in. Red or green leaf lettuce and bell peppers should be staples in the diet, so they get enough vitamin C. Fruit is an occasional treat only, maybe a couple of times a week, and not much, then. Read that link you posted for what you can feed and how often.

They need long strand grass hay all the time to keep their teeth ground down and their GI tracts moving. If they're under six months of age, they need alfalfa pellets, otherwise they need timothy pellets.
Awwww they are adorable! It's great that they seem to have bonded so quickly. I look forward to seeing more pics of them :)

Unfortunately, the adoption centre in my city only had a 'package' of 3 guinea pigs who had already aged into their later years (6) so I was almost forced to buy from the pet store.

However, statements like this are the kind that make me cringe. No one "forced" you to buy from a petstore. No one was holding a gun to your head and ordering you to buy "or else!". You did not need to have pigs this minute and you could have waited until others became available at a different shelter.

I understand that you weren't interested in the senior pigs. That's fine but please don't try to pretend that your hands were tied and buying was your only option.
Hi and welcome! Your little girls are adorable!
Welcome to the forum! Your pigs are sooooo cute...I'm jealous!! More pics are graciously accepted ;-)
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