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I'm new here :)


Cavy Slave
Nov 23, 2011
My name is Catrina. I am 25 years old, and I have three beautiful sows. Pepper and Paisley are older(4 & 5 years old), and Mabel is the baby(9 months old). They all live in a 2 X8 C&C cage in my living room!

I also have a 2 year old daughter named Lois. She loves our guinea pigs, especially feeding them! We were given all three pigs from three separate homes. They were all posted free on kijiji.ca at different times. All were housed in miniscule pet store cages. They love their new lives, and are all happy to finally have company!

I just wanted to introduce myself and can't wait to meet everyone!

I'm new here :)
Welcome to the site and the forum! You piggies seem pretty spoiled and very happy with the new owners. I also like your cage, nice job for a first time! :)
Welcome to the forum!! There are tons of friendly people here and lots of information for all your piggy needs, so have a look around.

I must say, WOW!! A 2x8 is one heck of a big cage, but I bet your girls LOVE it. Thanks for sharing the picture. Your piggies are very cute. ❤️
welcome to the forum. There is a lot of info. on here so hope you enjoy looking and learning as much as I do. Your piggies are so cute! That's awesome for them to have such a nice big cage!
Welcome to the forum. And thanks for taking these guys in!
Welcome! I also have a sow named Pepper!
Thank you for the warm welcome everyone! ❤️
Welcome from me, too! Your cage is wonderful. Hope you will be a frequent poster here on the forum.
Welcome! This site can be really addicting, I'm always learning new stuff! Your sows are adorable! Awesome cage! :)
Nice huge cage!...where you live is it cold? I noticed they are in front of sliding glass patio doors.
I like your ramp too! I think I would add grids around the loft area so noone escapes :).
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