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I'm New :D


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Jan 26, 2012
Hello every one!

My name is Lucas. and I'm super fresh :D. just saying hi and I'm going to get a guinea pig within the next 2 weeks. since i have to show my mom I'm responsible for one. i signed up so my pig will have a happy life with me knowing what to do with him! My family had one when i was like 6ish and then last year i had a hamster..... it was a BAD experience for me :l. he died in like 6 months so i don't want this to happen to my guinea pig!
if you would like to give me some tips on how to care for a guinea pig. add me on skype! and we can talk.

Skype: lucas264264264

Hi Lucas! Welcome to the forum. You found a great place to learn all about keeping guinea pigs.

The first thing you should do is look at your local shelters and rescues so that you can adopt a healthly little friend or two (guinea pigs love to live with a friend)!
Thanks for the tip betty :)
Welcome to the forum.

One of the very best things you can do is read the "read me" stickies at the beginning of each section. They are packed with tons of good information.

I suggest starting with the Diet and Nutrition stickies so you can start planning a menu for your piggy.

Can't wait to meet him/her.

Might I make one more suggestion, try to convince your mom to get 2 piggies if you have a big enough cage (at least 10.5 sq ft). The best toy for a guinea pig is another guinea pig. They are herd animals and like to be in pairs.

Do you have a shelter or rescue near by where you can adopt? If you post the city you are in we can normally help.
i live in Carmel Indiana (not a very big town but its right above Indianapolis)
Pet Search Results: Adoptable guinea pig Small Pets in Indianapolis, IN: Petfinder

Above is a link to a Petfinder search in your area. I used the zip code 46032, hope that's right. If not, you can adjust the search parameters on the left hand side of the screen.

There are 2 boys available in Indianapolis at Caseys Home-Animal Rescue and Refuge. Not sure how close Brownsburg is, but there's quite a few there too.

Hope this helps.
it helped alot thanks :3 just gatta wait 2 weeks :l... but it's fine :D
You and your family need to be aware that owning guinea pigs involve a lot more time, space & money than the average critter. Their diet consists of one cup varied vegetables daily, unlimited high quality grass hay & good quality pellets. This isn't cheap. They also need a lot of space in terms of cages, where pet store cages are way too small.

They need safe floortime outside the cage to exercise & stimulate their minds, meaning you need the time to set up a safe fun area at least a few times a week & supervise them. This takes more time than you would think.

You need to have a vet fund at all times, as guinea pigs are fragile & need vet care asap when falling ill. This is usually expensive & treatment could quickly add up to quite a lot of money. Who will pay for this?

Guinea pigs can live for over 8 years. I'm guessing you are still young & will have many life changes in front of you with education & such. Who will care properly for the pigs when you can't? Guinea pigs are preferably a family pet, to ensure they always get the care they need & stay with the same forever home. Please discuss this realistically with your mother before deciding to take on this responsibility. It might just not be the right choice for you or your family before you are old enough.

My guinea pigs have been the most demanding & expensive animal I've owned, and I've had many through my life & within my family. Just make sure you do weigh in the cons before making this decision. Have your family read through the sticky threads of every section of this forum to make sure they know what to expect.
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thanks hannibalLecter we have owned 2 of them be for so we know what its like to have one. but this will be my first time with my own. and this will be my first time with a c&c cage.
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