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I'm new and LOVE this site!


Cavy Slave
Feb 7, 2012
Hi - I have been to this site for quite a while and used all information when constructing my piggy environment. I have a c&c cage that is 4x4 with a 1x4 top level that will soon changed to a 2x4 top level. I have 3 baby piggies about 3 months old. I will post pics soon. They have 2 pigloos, a hay rack, a grass tunnel, a cardboard tube from petsmart, lots of balls and treats, a big grass lounger thing with a fleece hide. I actually have 2 fleece hide blanket things that are homemade. Very cute! I have a litter box for their pellet food where they can hopefully get box trained :). Anyway there is more to come. I am 34 with 3 kids and a stay at home mom. I clean houses and my hobbies are piggies, leopard geckos and home decorating, singing, movies, and just about everything. My hubby does tattoos and those are addicting. Anyway, glad to be here!
Welcome to the forum! Yes, we would LOVE to see pictures! Glad this site has been useful. Any questions, don't hesitate to ask. My husband does tattoos, too!
Great! Thanks.....i'm sure I will have a lot of questions....for one.....i got my new one 2 days ago and his eye thismorning was like crusted shut. I noticed drainage yesterday. Is this serious or just a cold? I really like him and don't want to return him.
Yes crusted eyes can mean an URI and they need vet attention immediately. URI left untreated can be fatal.

What kind of treats do you have in the cage for your pigs?
I don't keep treats in the cage, but I put some store bought treats in there often for them to nibble. Not including the array of greens, veggies, and fruit they get.
Welcome to the forum.

Crusted eyes usually mean an URI, and he needs a vet immediately. Pigs are prey animals, and often hide illnesses until they are very sick. Please don't take him back to a pet store vet -- they're not trained in guinea pig care. Pet store pigs are often sick and have mites, so he needs a good vet check-up anyway. I hope you quarantined him so your other pigs won't get whatever he's got.

Also, if your pigs aren't all male, please separate them out by gender. The males can impregnate a female at 3 weeks of age or so, and the females can get pregnant at around 4 weeks, which is waaay too young for them to be having babies.
I am on my way to vet right now with all 3.
I am on my way to vet right now with all 3.
Welcome to the forum.

I hope everyone will be ok. Keep us posted.
Vet just left room. Lungs are clear but treating all 3 due to sneezing and crusty nose and eyes. Looks like it was in time! I am calling pet store to inform them they have sick piggies that will probably get worse if they don't check it out.
I don't keep treats in the cage, but I put some store bought treats in there often for them to nibble. Not including the array of greens, veggies, and fruit they get.

The store bought treats, although marketed for guinea pigs, are not healthy for them. Most include either yogurt (which pigs cannot digest) or seeds/nuts (which are fatty and choking hazards).

The best treats to give are an occasional small piece of fruit or some veggies that they don't get all the time, etc.
Welcome! I am glad you like the site. You can find tons of useful information here and there are lots of cute pics to look at. I'm glad to hear that you are taking care of your pigs. We need more great pet owners out there. Unfortunatly, the pet stores usually know they are selling sick pigs and they just don't care. Hopefully, someday, they won't be allowed to sell animals anymore. Until then, we have to keep taking care of them! Have fun with those little pigs..they are a blast.
Thanks! I do give fresh greens, veggies, and fruit daily. They love them! And they take their medicine really wrll. The original sick one is a love bug. Fell asleep while chilling in my lap. Now to pick names.
Hey! Welcome to the forum! I can't wait for pictures of your piggies :)
If you decide to get another, please consider adopting one from Craigslist or a rescue! As mentioned, pet stores know they are selling sick pigs, so if you refuse to purchase their pets, it would diminish the market and thus the need for poor piggies that come from guinea pig mills. Craigslist has many families with well-loved piggies that their children have lost time for.. That's how I got my Scout and he is a sweetheart! I have had him for almost a year and a half and he's never been sick.
Also, this site and guineapigzone.com have a rescue search for your area so you can locate recues where you can adopt a piggy and give him another life! Plus, they are often treated well by vets to assure every piggy that is adopted is happy and healthy. That's how I got my baby Harper and he is a lovebug.
Good luck with your piggies! Can't wait to see pigtures! :D
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