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C&C I'm finally making a cage!


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Feb 26, 2012
As you can tell from the title, I'm FINALLY making a C&C cage. I already have the grids, because some friends had a guinea pig a long time ago, and they gave me their old C&C cage they had in their attic. The bottom was filthy and damaged beyond repair, but the grids and connectors are still good. I was wondering how much a large sheet of coroplast usually costs at a sign store. I also wanted to know if anyone had any tips for my piggy's new cage. Thanks in advance!
I've seen coroplast for 12-30 dollars in my area, and from what I've heard from others around this site. Call around for the best prices!

Good on you for making a C&C cage! Your pig is going to love it so much! Prepare for lots of popcoring!
Fleece forsit! lol if your gunna make a cage with fleece as bedding, a fleece forist is easy. like supper easy.
Thanks for the info! I am thinking of switching to fleece once I get it put together and the piggies get used to it. I'll try a fleece forest.

I have a question though, I wanted to add my a second floor, and I was curious if I could use my current cage as one. It's 48"X16", big for a pet store cage, but still much too small. Is there any way I could convert it to a second floor?
If you can figure out a way to suspend it above the first floor so that it can't fall, and build a tunnel or ramp to get in and out, sure, why not? Maybe you can drill holes around the top of the pet store cage base, then use zip ties to connect it to the cubes. A piece of 4 inch PVC pipe from a hardware store, or a length of wood with sides can work as a ramp. Have fun, and good luck!
Yay for you, I know you gps will love it. There are so many things you can do. You can look up cage pictures in the photos section of the forum. You can also check out you tube videos on c and c cages. I personally love the loft idea as a kitchen.
I paid $20 in Aus for a piece that was more than big enough for a 2x4.
update: So yeah, coroplast cost 40 dollars where I live, so I figured that was just a bit of a rip off. That's the only sign store for a really long way, does anyone know of where I can get some online? I checked the guinea pig store, but they only had small pieces.
I bought mine from a plastics supplier: (broken link removed)
Even at forty dollars I would probably purchase it. Online the pricing will be higher because transporting a large flat sheet of coroflute takes extra care.
There are always other options of course. Lino is an easy one.
Have look around and compare prices.
Just adding to that, when I inquired to Fairlite about getting the coroflute delivered, they tagged on a $30 dollar delivery fee and I live less than 10 minutes away. That's where I've had problems getting a fair delivery charge.
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