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Sad I'm disgusted.


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Mar 17, 2012
I went to get the 2 guinea pigs that a family wanted to get rid of, when i got there they gave me the 2 male guinea pigs then said "do you want a rabbit too" well i decided i would take it in and find it a forever home for him.
When they brought him out they had him wrapped in a towel and said "oh his bum is a bit yucky" so i thought they just mustnt have washed him in a while coz she was a bit stinky too.
Anyway i looked at his bum and the poor thing has had mattered poo all over it bum for god knows how long. its all red and sore :mad:.
The rabbit smells like it has been mattered with poo for month. It is the nicest rabbit ever.
I'm totally disgusted in how they looked after the poor rabbit and im glad i took it in.
I have a vet appointment for tomorrow coz the vet said there could be something wrong with the Rabbit :(.

The guinea pigs seem to be ok but one has a lump on his ear and as a bit of fur missing on his bum. i just sprayed them for mites and mange :mad:.

Sorry about the rant i just had to get it out.
Thanks to thoes who read this
Thats awful, well done for rescuing them, you probably saved their lives. I'll never understand how people can let their pets get to that stage. Good luck with all of them! :)
Unfortunately Eimear, there are quite a few people out there who believe rodents /=/ pets but highly disposable animals. :( You know since the classification "Rodent" makes an animal less worthy of care, love and attention somehow. Makes me mad.

If it's an animal that has been bred by humans in captivity and unable to survive in the wild on it's own, then it deserves to be cared for by humans to the best of our capacity. Domestic rabbits, guinea pigs, dogs, cats, cows, pigs...you name it, if they can not survive in the wild without some form of human protection, and feeding (predators not withstanding of course, since that IS the natural order of things) then they are considered "Domestic".
After i take the rabbit to the vet tomorrow and he gets all cleaned up smelling pretty i will put some pics of them all up
Thank you for rescuing them all! I hope what ever it is that it is easily fixed. I can not wait for pics.
Please odn't "spray" for mites. Ivermectin is the preferred way to treat. Sprays can cause URI's. The bunny might be OK, but when housed in a filthy cage, they get filthy too. I just got myself into a heap of trouble; I offered to foster boys for several months, and when I went to get them, they were in terrible condition. We're now fighting weight loss, malnutrition, bumblefoot, and impactions. I didn't sign on for this, and it's costing me a fortune to try to get them up to a healthy level. Please read here:House Rabbit Society Rabbit Care Guide-everything you need to know about bunnies; and here: https://www.guinealynx.info/parasites.html

From Guinea Lynx:
Beware of flea and tick powders and shampoos -- many contain pesticides that are dangerous for cavies. https://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/#top
Update on Bunnie and the 2 guinea pigs (Patch adams and Odd Ball)

So i just thought i would give you a update and pictures of the Rabbit and guinea pigs i rescued.
Bunnie has thrush and is on anit botics and thrush medication and cream for the soreness.
The guinea pigs are going well. they love their big cage.
A quick question how do you know if a rabbit likes you or is happy? [GuineaPigCages.com] I'm disgusted.[GuineaPigCages.com] I'm disgusted.[GuineaPigCages.com] I'm disgusted.[GuineaPigCages.com] I'm disgusted.[GuineaPigCages.com] I'm disgusted.
Re: Update on Bunnie and the 2 guinea pigs (Patch adams and Odd Ball)

[GuineaPigCages.com] I'm disgusted.This is Bunnie
Whoa. That bunny looks sick. What did you spray on them for mites, by the way? You should never spray anything on rabbits or guinea pigs.
Rabbits binky like pigs popcorn when they're happy. They'll lay with their legs totally stretched out behind them, lay on their side or back and when reallly content and happy, they will "play dead." Which is quite concerning if you don't realize they're playing.

That rabbit doesn't look very good - and I'd question the diagnosis of thrush in the rabbit.

What antibiotic is he on and are you also giving a probiotic?
Shame, yeah, that bunny really is sick, how is he doing?
the vet looked at his poo. there were more bugs in there then there should be. This is the first time i have had a rabbit so i didnt know about probiotics Can you get it from a pet shop.
He is on 2 types of meds.
If he doesnt get better by monday the vet said to bring him back in so i will.
the vet i see specialises in rabbits, guinea pigs and such.
Also i didnt spray the bunny for mites.
The bunnie had just come out of the bath when i took that pic he wasnt happy.
I Dont know how long he has been sick for so i dont except him to look good.
He seems attached to me as he was cleaning me after i took him out of the bath.
Oh btw thankyou for making my threads into one i should have done it myself
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