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C&C I'm Curious


Cavy Slave
Apr 30, 2012
Hello All,

I just completed a new cage for our Sophie and I have a question;

I've noticed several open top cages with old blankets lining the bottom instead of store bedding. Is this ok? The bedding we are using gets flung all over the room when Sophie races around her new home.


I think you are seeing fleece lined cages? You can read more about fleece and how to use it here https://www.guineapigcages.com/threads/21568/ . I use fleece and I love it! I just switched a couple weeks ago from shavings and so far it is the best thing I have done.
Yup! It's fleece. I have it in my pigs' cage and I find it much better than bedding. You just put an absorbent layer such as towels or U-Haul pads on th ebottom of your cage and then put a piece of fleece.
Congrats on your new C&C.
As long as it's a fleece blanket, and you use something absorbent under it, then sure. I'd just get some fleece at the fabric store, not every one has fleece blankets on hand.
I use a combination of fleece and disposable bedding. My girls love to dig and forage in piles of hay, but hay clings to the fleece. I use fleece for most of the 2 x 4 cage, but have made a coroplast tray 10" x 56" to go along the back wall. The sides and back of the tray are 3" high and the front is only 1" high so they can run around without having to jump into the tray. I put disposable bedding in it and lots of hay. They get to sleep in cozy fleece beds but never get bored because when they are not sleeping they are foraging in the hay. It has the extra benefit of keeping the cage clean because most of the poop and pee stays in the tray.
Thanks everybody for your great advise. I guess I am off to Joanns Fabrics tonight to get some fleece. I think I'll get some various colors to brighten up the joint.
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