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I'm Converted


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Cavy Slave
Jan 6, 2005
I always said my piggies hated floor time which I gave them in the beginning when I first got them. I stopped since they hated it and so did I. Anyway, Sunday I was so bored at home that I decided to give them floor time again, not that I have any extra room, but I gave them a small area on the other side of my bed. What a difference from the other times. They enjoyed it, they examined and smelled everything. One of my piggies escaped and had the time of her life just roaming around my bedroom, under the bed, the back of her cage, anywhere she could walk to, (meanwhile my husband is sleeping and if he woke up and found out penny was roaming around he would have a fit) and she just went on her merry way examining everything around her. I opened her cage door and she went in and peed and as I went to get my other piggy nickel, penny came back out of the cage and went exploring again.

My point to this story is... In my case my piggies had to feel very secure in their home (I have had them since September) in order for them to adjust being out of their "secure cage" and enjoying new surroundings. They totally surprised me. I'm converted.
That's great pennick! Mine were the same way. Also now since I have more piggers, it means more fun for floortime! It seems the more the merrier.
*cheers for Pennick's pigs* Go ecploring! :)
That's wonderful. I give my pigs floor time everyother day and they still seem not to enjoy it. They just sit there and hide in stuff. Once the weather is nice I am planning on giving the floor time outside. Hopefully they will enjoy eating the grass and just hanging out. Of course I will be outside with them at all times.
eXploring. Not ecploring. *smacks myself*
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