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I'm a tiny pig from tiny Estonia <3


Cavy Slave
Jan 9, 2012
Hello there!
My name is Julie - I'm from Austria (the heart of Europe) but currently moved to Estonia where my bofriend lives. In approx. 10 years I took care of 5 piggies in total. 2 came from an animal shelter, the rest I saved from lousy petstores that kept guinea pigs together with rats or rabbits :(
Estonian is not an easy language but I try to learn it fast so I might get a job at the local Vet or pet-store.

I'm a tiny pig from tiny Estonia <3

And this is tiny Muh - my first baby pig.
Estonians do not seem to be fond of guinea pigs, so i had to search several pet-stores until I found this little fellow hiding in a plastic house from 2 grown-up rabbits in a waaaay too tiny cage.
He was light as a feather and so small - I was scared they took him too early from his mother. :(
First two days he hid in his sleeping bag but on new years eve he suddenly came out to munch on some hay *yay*
He loves his mixed salad the most and like to be cuddled & warmed in a soft towel ❤️

I guess, that's all for now ;)

And sorry, in case my english is really messed up.
Your English is perfect! Welcome and looking forward to hearing all about Muh and life in Estonia.
Welcome to the forum and your english is just fine, better than some who speak it as a first language. lol

Your little piggie is so cute. Thank you for rescuing him from those bad conditions he was in at the petstore.
Welcome!! And your piggie is adorable :)
He is adorable! Welcome to the forum and thank you for the picture!
Wow, he's so small! Makes up for his tiny size with immense cuteness though!
Welcome to the forum! Your Muh is just adorable!! Looking forward to hearing all about him grow up and pictures. You did wonderful with your english. Looking forward to sharing more with you.
I had a coworker from Estonia who was from Finland. Her husband was from the Ukraine. Does Estonia have a lot of people who move there from other countries? It must be a gorgeous country, near all that water. I'd love to hear more about it.
Does Estonia have a lot of people who move there from other countries?

Yeah I met many people from Finland, Sweden, Russia, Germany and North America.
The town i am living in has so much charm of the old times, it is like in a fairytale <3
Would love to see some pictures of Estonia... Does tiny Muh have time outside? Eating grass?
Does tiny Muh have time outside? Eating grass?

Sadly it's raining/snowing since weeks but as soon as its warmer outside I will build him a big secured outside terrain :)
My girls LOVE being outside..So does all the neighbour kids,,,Last year in fact one brought her rabbit over.. It was so cute.. They just love eating the grass...But that will not happen for at least 4 months from now.. I hate Canadian winters... For now I grow wheat grass inside and they LOVE it..
That is just the cutest little ball of fur!

*wants to squeeze*
What a sweet piggy! Muh could be a twin of my little Jumble! Enjoy your little one and I can't wait to hear more about him.
I love that your from Estonia!!
Have you ever heard of Kerli? She's a singer/songwriter/musician from Estonia currently living in Los Angeles, California.
I love her music and so do my guinea pigs!! Every time one of her songs come on they start to popcorn and run all around.

And I love your new pig! Thank you for rescuing him
Have you ever heard of Kerli?

Yeah I really like her voice and the song 'Creepshow'. <3
~"I'm from a land called secret Estonia" ;)
If you have time, you could also check out a band called 'Outloudz' or 'Malcolm Lincoln' - great Estonian band in the pop/electro genre.
Welcome! I gave some lectures at the univ. in Tarttu and just love that town! Estonian people are so nice. I have an old friend who
is from Estonia and lives in Finland with his wife and kids. The 2 languages seems very close but he is sad that his kids don't want to speak Estonian. I got a book of Estonian short stories and the literature seems really unique--a bit like Russian and a bit like Scandinavian (a rather dark view of the world) but different from both. I also have an Estonian grammar that the univ. people gave me but I did not get very far! Yikes. I spreche liaba Österreichisch!

Gorgeous little munchkin, your Muh! Itsy bitsy piggie is soooo sweet!
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